Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tiring Friday

After being back from CNY, this is one of the most hectic periods ever.

Apart from pulling in hours for work, I was mercilessly "hounded" to finalise my renovation bits. I could barely keep my eyes open during my Jap class. I am so positively going to suffer and pay the price comes my test period.

Met my contractor yesterday afterwork at our new unit and my intended 2 hour meeting stretched from 6pm to 10.30pm instead. My poor husband was also left dinner-less as we move from room to room to nail down the details from cabinet height to the functionality of the drawers I have in mind... I dont like to leave it to Interior designers alone because they can give a general proposal but it will never be customised to one's needs & preferences. And because I cook, I have very specific ideas about how to categorised my storage systems from storing dry provisions to placement of my bin etc.

By the time we were done, both my husband and I are totally exhuasted. What's left is to pick the tiles and fixtures tomorrow....

When I got back last nite, it was back to the drawing board to tell him the ideal height for the bathroom vanity table top etc. Finally collapsed into the bed at 3.30am. I am soooo looking forward to Monday where I can take the day off and just sit back and relaz on my birthday.

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