Tuesday, February 9, 2010

There are really only 2 things in life that are really intimidating....The first would be getting married, and the other would be house renovation.

They are certainly not something you can walk away from easily. They both require huge committment and once u start the ball rolling, there is really no looking back.

Getting married is terrifying because well, nothing in life is predictable least of all another human. Renovating the house is terrifying because there are so much unforseen events. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.... Hence, If you put your trust in the wrong person for both events, you are pretty much screwed.

So far, I think I am still in good hands for both.
My HK renovator seemed like an ernest guy enough and responsible enough. At least he calls to update me stuff and doesnt leave me hanging up in the air. I am cross my fingers.

Design wise, its atonishing what stuff are in the market right now. Fake wood tiles. Amazing. They print the wood pattern on the tiles soooo well on the tiles its almost hard to tell from a distance unless u get to touch them, with products from china being the sole exception of course. The wooden designed tiles from Australia and Italy look fantastic..the china ones just look cheap and nasty at half the price of course. I had a choice, I picked those manufactured from Malaysia as much as possible. Dont know...just dont like the idea of supporting this halfhearted shit from China.

It's quite funny. How I am living near China, but I am paying high labor cost here in HK but cheap materials. When I did reno in Sg - 4hrs away from china, I had to pay higher cost for materials, but ending up with cheap China labor...What an irony.

They had started to rip the wooden stuff out of my apartment now. All I can do is really just sit tight, cross my fingers & toes and pray. Wish me luck

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