Saturday, March 13, 2010


I dont know how some people does it. To work, to have othr activities and blog at the same time. Something has to give..what do they give up?

It has been a while hasnt it? Since I actually sat down proper to write anything. In between my going well renovation, work and Jap class, it's near impossible to do anything else I like like Pilates & watching dramas.

I had a sudden craving yesterday.
While storming my way through the thick piling human traffic crowd at central station, it suddenly hit me how much I wish I had a pipping hot crispy skin prata before me. Chicken Mutamak with lotsa onion and egg will be fantastic. Throw in a hot cup of indian milk tea...that morning will be so perfect!!! I was drooling in my head as I trudge myself forlonly towards my office, passing by muffins and sandwiches shop without care. As I munch on my pret-a-manager pasta soup in the morning, it was an excercise to keep my tummy full than of any form of enjoyment. As I sat in office mechanically finishing my breakfast, I thought back to my old company cafe in Singapore. Where everymorning, I get to choose from prata, kaya sandwich toast, or some malay style breakfast like nasi lemak, or even chinese carrot cake with dark soya sauce. Damn.... where did all those local cravings come from suddenly?

I had HK morning breakfast. If its not ham sandwich, its macroni soup or dim sum... it's soooo lacking in variety. Well at least that is the case in central.

It's mid March now and looks like my job is gonna get extended. crap. I really dont want to work full time anymore. I miss that quality of life when I get to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted. So far, my colleagues have been good. It's small office, so thankfully there isnt backstabbing, badmouthing or politics. The only down side is I hate working in central because there is soooo little variety of local food unlike causeway bay. Those places at Soho...i dunno....not my cup of tea.

Renovation work is in good hands, and good time.
Looks like it is gonna finish faster than I expected. I like my contractor. We work well together and from our interactions, he is one contractor with brain that think about practicality of what he built. He takes pride in what he deliver and hence he is also alot more detailed oriented than I expected. Unlike the contractor I had in sg previously, this contractor gives much thought about various dimensions and materials. So in a way, I feel reassured and he certainly took some stress away from me. So much so that I have only visited the apartment 3 times since it started work in Feb.

Yet unlike in SG, work doesnt go on everyday in the apt. SO that explains why it takes a much longer time than in sg. Funny planning huh. But at least the staff he chooses seem to deliver good work. The tiling work is good. So much better than I had anticipated! Happy!

The place is done with the tiling and wetworks and false ceiling. What is left really is the carpentry and the painting. It's gonna be some work that I have do like shopping for wall decal soon! Excited!

It's still pretty much undetermined how the whole place will turn out. Kinda half excited and half worried about choices I make. Time will tell...or rather I will know by april!

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