Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why do I work? I must be out of my mind

Work is dull.
Work is boring.
Why on earth did I start working?
Itchy backside.

Every morning, I had to drag myself off my comfy bed.
Every morning, I cursed at the bad traffic air pollution in central as I walked from the MRT to Hollywood road. There is so much smog an d exhaust fumes that I feel so out of breath by the time I am done climbing up the hilly steps because I am suffocating from holding my breath.

Every lunch, I dread to think of what horrible disgusting food I can eat. I miss lunch at causewaybay. Not only for the wide variety and price, but also a much more appetising offerings.

Every eve, I had to fight my way through the pesky overcrowded train station, and stand in the long long line way home. One those days I have to attend class at TST, I am almost squashed from front to back from the relentless crowd that pour into the train. The only good thing is that the HK train is well ventilated and its never stuffy, making it more bearable than peak hour train in Singapore.

Every other night, I will have to try to perk up and go grocery shopping to cook dinner. After horrible lunch, all I want was light healthy soup to compensate for the crap I down myself with in the day.

By April, my contract will end but the project will not
I hate to think how my boss will ask me to stay and I will be cringing like hell inside....
Do the professional thing to stay on, or selfish thing and make a run for it?

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WhiteDuskRed said...

You should try to MTR from TST onwards to Tsuen Wan! Central to TST still OK lah~

And work is dull alright~ and boring~ and stupid~ and ~~~~