Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's only March...sigh

This would probably be the first time I am working and I dont quite like the people who employed me. For one, I dont quite like their attitude towards people, despite the industry they are suppose to be in to inspire people. I am pretty sure their team aint very much motivated...

My feelings doesnt come from personal experience but rather from the sideline observation. I dont like the brusque way they talk, I dont like the haphazard way they work. Maybe I am too used to working in a structured, professional MNC that its a real eye opener to work with a small firm like theirs, where their word is the law, and the law can flip flop every other day without reasons.

But seriously, imagine this.
In the small office space, where everyone is on the line, it is unavoidable that a certain level of noise is in place. Yet, our boss would turn around and yell at everyone to "SHUT UP" just because he was on the phone. Even when it was not directed at me but my peers, I feel offended at the way they were talk down to. Couldnt he had at least said "Guys could u lower the volume?" The thing was, the team werent even chitchatting. They were either on the lines with other potential customers or vendors. So what gives him the right to be so rude to people who are helping him to earn his keep?

There are many many other tiny details that is so out of line but I wont state them all here. It isnt me having an issue with them both. It seems that everyone here thinks the same of them, including my vendor who has some brushes with their extreme hot and cold attitude.

I dont think they are bad people. On the contrary, I think they prob are interesting characters but just not great people to run a business because they lack the steadfast and calm personality to motivate and drive the crew.

Anycase, I am sooo looking forward to the end of my contract, so that I can begin the part time basis. Everyday heading to office is such a dread because of the lack of challenge and supporting environment.

Will end of April not come soon enough?

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