Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad but hilarious Translation

Oh this is fking funny! I nearly died from laughing from reading the English translation!

Talk about literal translation from Cantonese to English!!!!
HandFighting Fishball anyone? haaaaaa


WhiteDuskRed said...

Albert Yip?

Can I download this and share it with my friends on FB???

And you shouldn't be having hotpot after your trip to the hospital!

"Just Me" said...

Oh yes! That Albert Yip was also Hilarious! Go ahead and spread the word. I am gonna share it on my FB too because this really takes the cake for "Bad English"

Haa..i wasnt eating the hotpot, I just happen to see the leaflet and just had to scan and share this joke!

WhiteDuskRed said...

Great! Thanks!

Say what do you think of the dog restrictions in HK. But before that... Do you hate dogs?

"Just Me" said...

I dunno much abt the dog restrictions here except that many condo complex do not allow them, or if they do, owners must take service lift. I like dogs, but having lived with a super noisy crazy barking dog that yelp all day long, I actually rejoiced when that dog either died or was sent away after many complaints.... So frankly, I kinda appreciate the peace from dog ban... Though I think they should allow dogs that dun bark?

So wat happen on ur end?