Friday, April 9, 2010

New Ramen @IFC - Wakayama

I had always wondered how long that bar on the 3rd floor at IFC (above the airport express check-in) could last...and finally, my predication came true and the bar folded. RIP.

In its place is a spanking new Japanese Ramen restaurant - Wakayama. Good, a new alternative to Rei Restuarant in IFC.

Tonight, I felt relatively hungry after work. Which s a good thing considerin I havent had solid food for over a week and lack of appetite was a concern. Tonight, my tummy finally rumbled. Not the "BAD" sort of rumbling that spells trouble, but rather the "Happy" sort that says "Feed me!"

Since the idea of eating at Elements and of congee again wasnt all that welcoming, I decided to try out the new Ramen place. I hate some ramen because if they cook it badly, the noodles come out gluey..and if the broth is bad, it makes you want to throw the whole bowl of noodles into the bin.

I flipped through the menu. It's not cheap ramen, averaging about $100, with the cheapest about $88 bucks for the Pork slice Cha Siew noodles. I thought I would give it a try. As they led me to my counter seat, I walked past a table with this huge bowl of ramen with corns, and brown pieces of meat. It by far looks more yummy-licious than the pork slice.

Trusting instinct is good at times. So I went ahead and ordered that instead, even though it cost me a whopping $138 per HUGE bowl. It's australian wagyu beef i think because the meat taste damn good, tender, COOKED, and naturally sweet. The soup base, I had asked for chicken broth so its not salty and light but tasty.

The place served sashimi and other stuff like tempura, and side dishes but the main items are the ramen. They have other mixed vege ramen, tempura ramen, sliced pork with vege ramen etc etc.

I like it. Or I like what I ate tonight.
With plenty of sprouts and corns and good portion of meat, I think I will be back again.
Maybe its just because its new and they havent start cost cutting, or try to be funny or lazy with cooking. So if u are ever in IFC, give this place a try before the standard drops with time as all restaurants eventually do.

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