Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unfair cable TV deals in HK

Has been a super long while since I last blog. Between work, renovation, moving, classes, and housewifey duties, I simply have no bandwidth to blog. Still, better late than never.

Last week, Hk I-cable stable set me off, fuming at the injustice of the whole paid tv system in HK! To begin with, it's really grossly unfair when they only offer 24 or 18 months contract with a no termination clause. That means even if u have to leave or relocate, u are obliged to pay all remaining months regardless. They won't even accept anything like a one year contract! They allow u to transfer ownership but just not cancellation even with a legitimate reason!

The thing that really pissed me off today wasn't the length of contract but more like the attitude of the icable staff!

The service provider won the exclusive rights to telecast world cup and for that, they unfairly enforce a 2 year contract for the sports package at 268Hk/month just for that one month advantage and they have no rivalling service provider to compete with. So I decided not to get it since I m screwed with penalty if I ever leave early! It's a an calculated risk and I have a choice not to make it.

However what pissed me off was I had wanted to pay for KBS for a twelve month contract and the guy from particulars verification channel told me that even if they lose the broadcasting rights, I still HAVE to pay for the remaining months regardless!!!! WTF?!

Of course any one with half a brain should reject that biased, one sided contract clause that favour the vendor!! So I told the guy I disagree to it. Logically if they lose the broadcasting rights to that singular Channel I m subscribing, why should I still be binded to the contract terms and condition if they cannot upkeep the service that I subscribed for? I didn't ask for a package, I asked for a specific channel! Isn't that daylight robbery?!

The guy on the line was super rude and just said " that's the condition, u must accept." with that "take it and leave it attitude."

I told him I cannot Accept it because it is unfair. Imagine a situation where u paid deposits to a new apartment and halfway through govt take back the land, and the developer tells u oops sorry u dun have a house now but u still have to Pay the remaining mortages!!! Does not make sense right???!!!

I told the guy I won't sign such an unfair and illogical contract that works against a consumer. If I sign it I am screwed because I would have accepted in black and white to be at the mercy of the I cable! The guy was haughty and rude and trying to repeat the clause as if I am some idiot who didn't understand I had no other choice and kicking a fuss for nothing!!! Well newsflash for u mister, I can live without KBS and so stuff it. I decline the agreement and reject installation since I refuse to be a sucker and profit unscrupulous business organisation!!!

After I hung up fuming mad at the whole ordeal and treatment, my phone rang within next 2 mins. The sales department called chasing up on the lead. Apparently that fuckwit twisted the story and said i changed my mind because I insisted on broadcasting rights for the one year contract! Fucking moron and a liar! Or he is too dense to understand the whole situation.

I told the sales guy the story and that I m fucking pissed and now that I have a taste of their service before I sign, I cannot imagine the hellhole I will be thrown in AFTEr I sign!!!!

Now that I am hopping mad, suddenly I m now offer a NO CONTRACT offer at 30hk more with just a one month advance notice! Well too late buddy. I told the guy when the fuckwit should have told me that option when I had asked for a solution earlier when I disagreed to the clause. Instead he had chosen to test my patience and piss me off!!! The sales guy said the fuckwit won't know as he is not in sales. I didnt buy that justification and retorted that the logical reply if he has common sense and from any experince, would be to tell me he will get his colleague to get back to me instead of threatening to cancel my order after I voiced my displeasure with his tone and attitude! But no.... He have to give me the big gun attitude. Well take a hike buddy!!! I ain't swallowing that down like other meeky customers who moves around like a herd of driven cows without a voice!

The sales guy knows I m extrememly pissed now and acknowledged that I wasn't the first to complain. That makes it worse! People complain and the same thing keep happening!!! Wat a fantastic business model structure and customer relationship mgmt!!!! Classic illustration of a big bullying corporation who ignores the people who keeps them afloat!!! Imagine a world without Internet free airing, won't they be even more arrogant?!!

The most infuriating thing was, after I refuse to sign on and told both the sales and the quality department to cancel my request, I still receive a "Thank you for signing on with I-cable" and a bloody call to ask when to install the cable. Talk about Incompetence and greed and negligent to customer needs and feelings. Wait a min, I am in HK, consumer's feelings have no play here unless I am super rich with some insider connections.

It's dismayal how companies like that get away treating clients with unfair deals and shortchanging our rights!

So right now I will say long live Internet real time airing at no charge!!! Gives abused customers an option to walk away!

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