Monday, December 6, 2010

Another clash with hateful crass China tourists and why I hate them

While composing this post, I didnt know if I should be filled with rage or remained bemused by the whole ugly incident with this China couple. I would put it out there, I HATE, LOATHE china tourists in general, especially those sick bastards who made it rich in recent years and couldnt wait to flaunt their wealth in the most disrespectful manner. So this incident only further intensify my rage against these human parasites.

The incident goes like this. We headed out to HK DFS in TST to check out some sales. While we were in Bally store, the place was full of people and only had one staff trying to sort out some mistaken payment by one group of china tourists. We waited and waited for a good 3-5mins. Seeing there was 2 empty seats, I sat down and wait while playing with my iphone games. Naturally when I sat down, I choose to sit extreme right near the seat edge so that it gives more space to people who waited to sit on my left.

Within 5mins I had sat down, this rude fat china prick just plonked his fat arse down unceremoniously from my right side and literally pushed me off my seat. Not wanting to argue with an uncouth man, I just move slightly to my left and continue to play my game.

In another couple of mins, he shoved me again. I turned to look at him. Note, LOOK not glare, to see what was his problem. He demanded loudly to me in Mandarin "Move Over!"

I was already annoyed that he had shoved me the first time and now you are ORDERING me to move FOR YOU? Fuck off you china freak. So I calmly and asked him point black '"Why can't you move yourself?" I think its a valid question since I was seated there first and if he spotted the empty seat, why couldnt he just walk over like any other decent human beings would? I would have moved if he was polite, and didnt shoved me the first time but No instead, this wanker think that he is still in China and because he have some stinking Money, he can bully people around.

The fat twat obviously was stunned at my counter question to ask him why couldnt he move himself and he flew into a stinking rage. He and his china slutty partner decided to yell at me in Mandarin saying "You have no manners, never seen the world, country pumpkin etc." All these simply because I refuse to do his bidding.

Like all uneducated, barbaric China people, he couldnt be reasoned when I politely explained that he had already bumped me once without apology, and I see no point in having to move again. Of course, like all Lying Despicable China Freaks, they yelled at me and they refused to admit their mistakes. My husband not understanding mandarin, saw the commotion asked what the hell was happening and told the china clown to get his fingers off my face and stop being so rude. Instead, they continue to point at me in my face with their fat stubs, like 2mm from my face, cursing at me. The china prick thought my husband was saying I was rude, went in stammering English "Yes, RUDE, YOU Rude! No manners!"

I laughed. Yes I laughed in the fat pig's face and commented in a snide manner "He is refering to you dude." It took him like a full min before he even understood what I said. Then he went ballistic. The couple started to yell at me in all sort of curse words, saying I was ill mannered, I had no class, I was ill bred, uneducated, no social graces etc. All this time, the two clowns were yelling at me, shocking all the customers and sales, while I was sitting there calmly not reacting.

Like all TYPICAL CHINA BULLIES, they tried to intimidate me and wanted to cower me into submission by employing the China Village bullying tactics by numbers. He went to complain to all the other china tourists about me, saying that he asked me to move and I asked him why I should move. The pig couldnt even get it right, my question was WHY COULDNT HE MOVE? Plus the slutty woman added how was she to know that I dont know Mandarin. HELLO, WE ARE NOT IN CHINA. WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO UNDERSTAND MANDARIN ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ARE OVERSEAS IN A TOURISTS SPOT. Plus obviously I understood you which Is why I asked you why couldnt you move yourself. How stupid is she? Plus the fat gut wasnt handicapped though I wish I could make him one, and he wasnt old, and most of all, I was seated there first and he shoved me! It was a legitimate question but of course, you cannot reason sense with uncouth China clowns.

No one jumped on the wagon of course. My husband couldnt understand anything the china guy was cursing at me, but he definitely pissed off the China prick further by mocking his finger pointing actions. The China coupple with limited English vocab, could only scream at me "You fuckers, you Son of the bitch, You bastards. Shut up shut up!" Shut up? I didnt say a thing. I really had to chuckle.

I mocked at them with a smile and said, "Whatever dude."And also in Mandarin so that they can fully understand my insult, "Yeah people like you sure is showing a lot of class. So this is your CHINA CLASS. Is this what your country teach you? Do you think you cursing vulgarities is your having seen the world? WOW! Impressive, funny." It drove them further into rage.

The fat bastards of course pointed at me and tried to intimidate me by saying in mandarin 'You are ugly! You are the ugliest woman I have ever seen! U are so ugly!" I laughed even harder. Here is a FAT Ugly Pig Face China man with a Pot Belly, telling me I am ugly. How convincing is that? Plus why should I care when I know I am not ugly? Haaa haaa. So I laughed at replied him in Mandarin mockingly "Nevermind I am ugly, I am not going for beauty pageant so its ok. But you on the otherhand, totally without looks, uncouth and no class, you are totally hopeless."

By now the securities are all into the store in full force. They china guy know that he couldnt piss me off by insulting me deciding to employ the country pumpkin uneducated curse, he started swearing in the worst Cantonese curse, saying our mothers are cunts, are whores etc, go Pok Gai etc. If my husband could understand, the fat china wanker would have been down unconscious in a flash. So I didnt translate to my husband and just turn to the security, are u going to continue to let him go on like this? U know exactly what it means. The security was telling me to forget it but holding back the fat wanker who wanted to bash me.

Seeing that I still have no major reaction or anger towards his curses, then out come the typical CHINA MAFIA tactic. The THREATS. He started to scream, really SCREAMED "You watch out! You better watch out! I will cut you up! I know people and they will wait for you to butcher you! You come China you better be careful!" I rolled my eyes at him and laughed (esp the thought that like he is going to sit at the immigration everyday for me) and mockingly replied him "Watever dude. I couldnt care less what you say." I muttered to myself in Mandarin loud enough for him to hear, that why would any human be upset with a mad dog that that barking crazily? We are not even of the same league.

I could have said a thousand things more to push his buttons and remain calm. I could have sang ├»'m beautiful I'm beautiful"by James Blunt in his face and laugh. I could have told him "he is Human waste (ren zai)" I could have told him an infamous chinese saying, elephant trunk will never sprout from a dog's mouth. But I didnt insult him because I didnt feel like he would even understand sacarsm, plus my husband with black belt will really bash him if the fat prick lay a finger on me, and I didnt want to blow up the matter since we are working here and the jack arse is just a tourist here. We have more to lose than he does. It is funny to mock him and send him into rage, but its not funny when it comes to blows.
With such crass people, it will only be a lose lose situation. They have no reputation, they have no dignity, they have no class except a big fat elephant size EGO and flase sense of INFLATED SELF worth. They know people look down on China people for their bad behaviour so they try to overcompensated by decking themselves in luxury brands to try to BUY respect. But CHINA freaks like these do not deserve respect nor backing down. They need to be taught that just because they shop in expensive stores doesnt mean they can bully people around.

In the end, the security guards initally asked me if I want to step away to calm the clown who was to burst but I flatout said No. By leaving, it means I am at fault which I am not. So I calmly sat there while I told my partner to continue to try his shoe. The china obnoxious duo also tried to sit down and shop but because they are not civilised people, they cannot do it. They huff and puff and said I am ruining their day and left immediately.

Oh goodie! So I did RUIN their fucking day without even having to say one swear word, and still managed to carry myself with dignity and smile. Was it tough? It wasnt easy not to yell back but normally under extreme stress and dealing with CHINA people I despise, I always end up devoid of emotions esp when I stop caring. I am pretty good at being cold to people I dont give a shit about from years of practice.

When they left, the HK sales woman quickly offered me and my partner some water to calm down. The floor manager also come to us to apologise, and gave us a box of Bally Chocolates to take our mind off the incident. The floor manager told me that even though he wasnt there, he is very sure it wasnt my fault either and they are very used to such crass rude and insulting behaviours from these CHINA losers.

During dinner, I finally translated what was cursed at us. My husband initially was upset that the fat china freak called me ugly and was sorry he didnt understand or he would bash the guy. I told him its ok because I really wasnt offended and I just shrugged it off. Rather, it didnt even register any impact except it was funny coming from him. I never profess to be pretty, nor is my job a model, so what if I am not pretty, there is no crime in that. Only shallow china people like them who only cares about outward appearance more than internal beauty will be offended by slurs like this. When my partner learned by the china guy cursing his mother being a cunt, he was really angry and vowed tat he should really learn his mandarin and cantonese better. I told him rather, I am glad he doesnt understand so that our laughing was more effective in driving the fat wanker nuts.

Of course I posted the incident on facebook and got many responses to it. All on my side of course. Some found it funny at my responses and people who know me well wasnt at all surprised at the non reactive way I handled the arsehole and cheered me on. My friends said of course if we were Caucasians, they would never even dare to raise their voice at us in the first place.

These China rude people are like dogs, and should be treated like one. China people have never been persecuted like the Jews in the hands of crazy people like Hilter for sole reason he didnt like the race. If China had suffered like the jews did, they would perhaps learn what is respect and love for others. Sadly the history of wars and communism have taught a handful of modern citizen of China people who have not stepped out of their shallow well nothing except poverty, loss of civilised culture and the insane greed for money to better their current lives. All they think about is that they have been under dogs for so long now, and TOO PROUD to act decently. They would the world to recognise them without realising that respect needs to be earned, not demanded.

There should be zero tolerance to bad behavior in Asia, esp with the influx of rude china people invading our lands.

I have read many complaints about rude Singaporeans by Australians and others, those are nothing compared to the true extreme shameless rudeness displayed by many China tourists, who are master of rudeness. I wouldnt be so callous to say all china people behave like this but many are driven by the intense need to be boot licked and crave for status recognition.

It's a good thing that my partner earned enough to support my boycotting China made products as much as possible at home, anywhere else but china maybe except maybe clothes since I dont give a shit if the china people want to torture their own people to death through sweatshop labor. I do not see how my perception of China people will ever improve if I meet are crass people like these.

The last parting thoughts, it is funny that China people who are not educated overseas, seemed to only know 3 swear words, You fucker, You SOB, You bastards. Its funny. Perhaps one of this days, I should educate these China imbeciles that there is a broader swearing words like you m*therf**king dipsh*t, pu*s sucker fkhead, fat twat retard,lame piece of nimcompoop China jackass. Then again, do I want to waste my breath on these losers? Prob not, it was just much easier to point and laugh at them, as they make a terrible fool out of themselves with their one man swearing show as they turn purple and ready to pop!

Luckily for me, there is no love lost there. However the dread that these crude people are invading my country and flood my land with their crass off-springs (since what kind of parents will raise the same kind of child) is a terrible thought and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

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