Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauty: Eyes Make up remover

Ever since my eye specialist recommended this product - Novartis Lid care to me, I have not looked back since for the last 6 years. I would not go anywhere without this if I have any intention to use eye make up. I dont understand why ladies will shelf out big dole for inefficient "branded" eye make up remover when this cheap product readily available at all pharmacy/ drug store does the job better and more thoroughly!

What this product does is that it washes away all foreign particles (eg: eye liner, mascara, eye shadow colors, oily lids) that clings to the root of your eye lashes, and at times caught underneath your eyelid due to the oil secretion from our eye lids.

I tend to have a more active oil gland around my eyes than others so I went to see an eye specialist. He showed me a picture of my oil globules blown up and it's not pretty! So he recommended me to "wash" my eyes regularly with Novartis lid care till the oil clinging to my undereyelid is gone.

I was impressed at how effective it was. I will be using expensive eye makeup remover, but they could never be used to clean under the lids. So when I use the Novartis lid care, I would still find traces of eye makeup on the wipes despite having washed off "visible" eye makeup! So never again, will I not use this as the one and only step to wipe off my eye makeup!

My gf used to have eye infection frequently. Her eyes will swell or turn red like a bunny. She doesnt use much eye makeup and her doctor couldnt tell what triggers it. I told her to give lidcare a try and voila, her "infection" attack decreases significantly. Apparently, she has this nasty habbit of rubbing her eyes with her hands when she is tired, so we can only guess she prob has oily lids like me and the trapped impurities irritated her eyes when she rubbed them.

While this is a super good product to remove ALL traces of eye makeup, do note that some people may experience a little eye dryness or eye lid dryness if used everyday depending on your skin type. I would recommend to use a drop of eye drop (disposable sort) as a followup or apply a little eye cream if its the outer lid that feels dry. Otherwise most people wont feel much difference.

In Hk, you can only get the sterile wipes in Mannings or chinese drug stores but in Singapore and Australia, you can get the actual bottle size in Guardian or Watsons.

If u use eye makeup, you really must have this!


I went back to Singapore recently and they no longer sell the bottle version, just the prepacked 20piece box version as like HK.

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