Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauty: Skin Ceuticals - Hydrating B5 gel

I just have to blog about this beauty serum that I have been using for 3 months now.

When it comes to facial products, I find myself often skeptical about claims, thus limiting my buys to certain brands. Even so, I am constantly out to try other products that comes strongly recommended. I have absolutely no brand loyalty when it comes to beauty products unless it works consistently to the expected performance.

I have found myself a brand new best friend - Hydrating B5 Gel by Skin Ceuticals. (website)

I had seen this being sold in a GP clinic when I was waiting for my India travel jabs. So my interest was aroused when I saw this again in one of the store where I get my facial wash.

I asked the girl if it was any good and if she had tried it herself. While I generally carries a known distrust for sales (in any industry) in general, but since this girl doesnt earn commission, and neither does she represent a specific brand, so I am more inclined to take her word since she had recommended a rather good face wash for me previously. She told me Skin ceuticals is a good brand and their serums are really good, esp with my concerns about constant flaking skin around the edges of my mouth and certain parts of my face during winter.

I could use La mer which works for me but it tends to be too rich at times and it will cause minor out break if I use it over long period of time. So I thought, what the heck, I shall try this hydrating gel. The worst I can do if it doesnt work on my face, is to swap it into a leg moisturer instead.

To my surprise, upon first application, my face looks and feels hydrated. The gel was instantly absorbed in split seconds, and I couldnt feel any "extra" or sticky layer on my face. It instantly refreshes the taut feeling I have had for weeks. After application, your skin feels smooth. While it is recommended to use their own brand of moisturer, I still have my own moisturer cream which seem to absorb pretty well into my face too. I didnt have any "extra skin" barrier feeling at all. No scent, no side effects ( with my sensitive skin), and no disgusting greasy feeling. The best thing is that this product actually works as it claimed!

Ever since I started with this gel, I never have had another flaking dry skin problem on my face or corners of mouth ever again! It truly is amazing. Just a few drops per day and it work wonders. It is worth every penny of the price and I have never ever been so converted in my life! No matter what products I have had used previously, I always have something non-glowing to pick on or bitch about, but this product is practically flawless to date, if I put aside the steep price of course.

So ladies (and gentlemen), if u have dry skin problems such as taut or flaky bits, or just trying to brave the winter cold without look too shitty, go out and try this product. It will be a life saver!

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