Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kudos to Singapore food establishments that ban kids!

I dont care what the leaders of the state might say about being more "pro-family", I really dont relish a nice intimate dinner time with a bunch of ill-disciplined kids.

Some parents want to bitch about some food chain adopting such polices. Fine I get it, you feel discriminated against, but what about us who have to hunt high and low for a dining spot that can get away from kids? Just because you canx doesnt mean we have to share your plight too right?

I mean there must be hundreds of other eateries out there in Singapore that allow kids, so why must they be such insistent to assume that as parents, they have a free pass to go everywhere and anywhere with their children in tow. Just like you may like some time off from your kids (if u are a full time houseparent), so what is wrong with granting the rest of us a little breather and space? Granted that NOT all kids are bad, still, I have yet to witness a kid below 6year old that doesnt cry, whine, run around or scream at some point in time for an over hour long dinner.

Seriously, you are entitled to you chaotic all warm fuzzy children filled life, but so are we entitled to some peace and quiet. Afterall, part of my tax do go into subsidising your child tax deduction. So is it really that selfish for us to seek a quite spot without kids during meal time for those private dining moments?

I am not begrudging parents for wanting to spend more time with your kid at every available opportunity, but I do begrudge those parents who spend so much time with kids but FAIL to teach them manners esp in public places, and in turn becomes a liability and dread to others. So considering it  as such, why do you want to deprive us of a little request for "childless" space? Perhaps some parents are indignant about this post and feel that people like me are uncompassionate and selfish, however I can say the same about such parents by the same logic.

Having separate dining section? Have you realise how some kids are annoyingly loud or irritating just to get attention or trying to call the shots to hapless parents? I love those that gives a good smack to the hand but I really groan in dismay at those all cuddling "Oh My princess hush hush" parents, while the child was still screaming blue murder. . I wont be surprised if not because most parents are already immune to the loud boisterous noise. Immensed in the cloistered world of their own, most parents probably couldnt understand ( or choose not to, or too tired to) what ticks non parents off.

I would even gamely vote for one long haul flight/route without kids below 6years old. Wouldnt that be heavenly? No more crying babies to disturb those long overnight flight, no more irritating 5years kicking your seat from behind constantly (with parents ignoring that mischief). or children screaming for heavenly would that be if we get our way!

I rem having to dine out with a good friend and she brought her 6yr son along. She belongs to the set of Bohemian "do not enforce rules" modern parenting and it was horrifying, not to mention embarrassing to have her son running amok almost colliding with the serving staff several times, yelling for attention, screaming blue murder over a wrong icecream, disturbing other tables by grabbing their food or playing with their ipad. It was painful to watch and I was not in a position to yank her son in place though I did hint to his dad "that not everyone likes kids interrupting their conversation no matter how cute the parents may think it is" His defense was "oh I will see the expression of other people to see if they mind." Obviously his observation power wasnt very good since he couldnt detect my disagreement with his child raising tactics.

Even if you are my friends, it doesnt mean I have to adore your kids. Sorry, I just dont like noisy kids. However if they can quietly sit in a corner and read their book, that sits fine with me.

So there, now that I have said my peace about children, let's applaud these dining establishment on banning kids altogther! Yipeeee! The next task in hand, to get SINGAPOREANS to DRESS APPROPRIATELY and NICELY for dining spots. Stop turning up in T-shirt and sandals thinking that is being smart causal. Go refresh yourself in dressing etiquette please.

Article source

1. Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine – 36 Purvis Street, #01-03, Tel: 63388955
This restaurant states in its website that it observes a “no children under the age of 7 policy at the restaurant.”

2. Kuriya Penthouse, 181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central 12-02, Tel: 6509 4222
This Japanese restaurant do not accept child diners under 6 years old, except on Sundays and public holidays.

3. SANTI Restaurant, 10 Bayfront Avenue #L2-03, Casino Level 2, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Tel: 6688 8501
The Spanish restaurant requests that guests do not bring children below 10 years old to the restaurant on its website.

4. Eight Cafe and Bar, 8 Bukit Pasoh Road, Tel: 6220 4513
The restaurant will be introducing the no-child policy at the end of this month. Its owner Bill Ho, 34, tells customers that the restaurant is not suitable for young children as it does not have chairs to seat babies. However, he does make exceptions for customers who arrive at his doorstep with children. For Mr. Ho, the new policy to bar children below 10 years of age is part of the outlet’s marketing strategy: ‘Most of our customers are young executives who do not want to be disrupted by crying children. It is a haven for young adults.’

5. University Club, at the National University of Singapore

Serving modern European and Asian fare, this eatery run by the owners of Prive Group, has adopted a no-child policy as well.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so we allow kids to be banned from some 'classy' restaurants because their noise affects diners. I think people from China tend to speak very loudly too, so let's ban them too! Oh oh, let's not forget that Indians are also likely to speak loudly; ban! How about elderly people? They may also cough loudly, or fart regularly as their control of their bodies become not so good. Oh, and the Japanese slurp their food; ban ban ban! Ban them all!!!!

Come on! If we start discriminating at restaurants, when will it end??

Anonymous said...

Maybe some restaurants should ban childless singles, people who hates kids, and selfish fellas like you too...U want privacy, go get a pte room. U want more leave, go have a kid. U think you are paying taxes and covering the childminding sacrifices of your colleagues, think again. Their kids are gonna pay taxes in future to keep u alive when you are in destitute.

"Just Me" said...

Well I agree that if adults behavevbadky then yes by all means ban them. In fact they should and that's wat we mean by zero tolerance for bad behavior because they are adult n they should know better.

So for such vicious reaction from you, yes then your kids should b ban because u obviously has no concept or consideration that there are others who have a preference in life like peaceful meal without screaming brats. And if u still want to live in denial thar your kid dun, go ahead and be my guest to live in your cloister parental world. Plus this article obviously touches on raw nerves who thinks kids shld be everywhere well sorry too bad, this is not discrimination, this is segmentation of clients. If there r no demands there r no supply. It's not whether
It is a fancy place, it's abt taking time and nite out with your Partner to enjoy the private time without kids grabbing for attention. And also before u parents scream
Murder, note that we stated kids below age of 7 where reasoning does not work to shut them up. U have magical
Kids that understand clam up Dun cry at 3 yrs old good for u but noisy toddlers are dime and dozen and that is a fact whether u want to face it.

And again from someone who hides behind annoymous identity and think that your kid will support me? Well think again, it is more likely in future that the expats and Ft will b paying for the taxes. And u shall not have to worry, I m pretty sure I will not in tat destitute situation u so crave for me.

"Just Me" said...

And oh, it is thanks to self absorbed parents that thinks badly of singles and childless that need to reflect on ur attitudes, not us. Regardless Wat u want to think here, other parts of the world accept open mindedly where kids are not included in dinkng spots. in Sg where parents tend to forget there is life apart from babbling on abt their kids, or dump them with Helpers and or thrir old parents, in the world out of Sg, it is sociablly common to leave young kids behind at home as the parents take a nite off. So before u start pointing the gun at others, it might be better for u to reflect why u need to begrudge an increasing pool of people who prefer not to dine in the company of young kids.

"Just Me" said...

One last note, farting umcontrollably in public and think it is ok without excusing yourself is bad manners n again socially unacceptable. Elders that cannot ear by themselves dun make noise, so pls stay in context. As for Japanese slurping, yes in Chinese culture it is rude, but it is unlikely u will hear it few tables away so most people are fine. I have stated it is the loud decibels that children scream ANd cry that us annoying, I dint say ALL kids are annoying. But since children are unpredictable by nature below reasoning age, then yes they should b ban. In fact even loud Adults regardless of nationalities haven been seen n heard to be advised to tone down as they affect other diners. Wat is wrong with that? Nothing.

In Hk, when china people shouts in lift or watever, they DO get told off. If some people singaporeans want to complain to themselves, or Play the poor victim or cowards instead of politely telling them off, then u have only yourselves to blame n not ask the restaurants to ban them.

Anonymous said...

Me hiding? Look at you; small photo with unclear face, and your fake name is 'Just you'. Are you also not anonymous?

My post about 'banning' people from restaurants is tongue in cheek, in case you didn't get it. Let's leave it like this; You are an adult, and you can make your own choices. If a restaurant you go to becomes unconducive to your dining pleasure, please find another restaurant. Don't try to change the restaurant just to suit your own selfish desires.

Anonymous said...

YES!!@Anonymous. You call his comments on your "article" viscious but he is just respondng in a way that you obviously will understand. Your whole article is a viscious attack against parents of small children and is very poorly written. So because people have the audacity to procreate and want to at the same time eat in public you want to ban them from restaurants altogether? To me this is only one step away from banning handicapped and elderly people from eating in public restaurants, should this be the next step?! Your attitudes and views on people are disgusting and I hope you never have children because undoubtedly you would warp them.

"Just Me" said...

Attack on parents with kids? That is really rich but obviously u guys are seeing things only from one perspective. Like I said before, it is a demand and supply situation which both of u obviously fail to understand.

More importantly, my article is directed at self absorbed parents who allows their kids to go wild and being a pain to others with no consideration. I had Also clearly stated that kids who sit quietly are fine by me which obviously in your rampage to vent your views failed to pick that up.

Whether u agree or not is your choice abt parents with bad parenting that ought to b booted out. It is already a fact, an acknowledged one by food establishments n i applaud them for standing up against grouses of parents. Plus u have only been attacking points but never stop to consider wat is the Cases n reasons fir this move. In your Rage and defensive outcry, u fail to acknowledge that there are bad parents n noisy kids that Are too selfish to care. Abd because it is a growing problem , That is why drastic or extreme Discriminating move are Formed.

Say wat u like and we can argue till the cows come home but it doesnt change the facts- that some kids should not share the same dining space, just as bad behaving adults.
U can choose to boycott the place but there will be others that relish the option of not having to think of some kids ruining the experience.

Perhaps u have never ever have to b on the opposite end to understand why there is a growing crowd against noisy brats.

Hiding is hiding. Watever u say, At least I have pixs which is resized by blog size.

"Just Me" said...

And btw, how is it that we are called selfish because we like the democratic option to be able to choose a place without kids? So is it not equally selfish then for parents to expect everyone and everyplace to accommodate them n depriving others the choice not to share time with their
Kids? So u expect other people to understand parents needs but the rest of our views dun matter?

Put it another way. If u r watching a movie and a kid keep screaming and crying and u cannot watch the movie in peace. The parents just let the kid be. So is that Not selfish parental behavior? So if we ask the parents to get the kid out, is that discriminating and vicious behavior? No it is not because the kids action is disruptive. U can say but cinema does not impose ban, yes but that is because the film in itself is already a filter n DVD are cheap. It is one's choice to go watch a kid flick rxpecting kids plus, there are ways to escape from kids in movies but not dining spots.

Likewise, libraries used to have adult only section. Why? To read in peace away from kids. So is that also wrong?

When one sector becomes so defensive n accusing, that is the root of problem. Discriminating is when I ask for ALL food chains to ban kids, a blanket ban. But that wasn't wat my article said, I said I applaud some establishments for providing that option. If u still dun get this then I suppose u will never get it n there is no point debating further.

"Just Me" said...

Btw, when I said vicious defensive comment n hiding, I was directing at the second annoy as there are no names to attention the remark to, n well it's not apparent whether it is the same or different person.

With people who has a view to share, i m happy to engage n listen, but for people who choose to just throw a view wrapped in flames n daggers, then u really dun deserve my time. If u go around only wishing for bad things to happen to other people and saying they will b warped, u think u r or is a good role model as a parent? Obviously not and likewise, I hope n pray ur kids will turn out better than u have shown yourself to be.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree on your post. Some parents think its perfectly alright for their kids to yell or run around at the restaurants. They just cant understand how irritating it is.

During our times, our parents will always scold when we misbehave but the parents nowadays tends to spoilt their children and that’s why their kids are disrespectful, loud and almost uncontrollable.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree on your post. Some parents think its perfectly alright for their kids to yell or run around at the restaurants. They just cant understand how irritating it is.

During our times, our parents will always scold when we misbehave but the parents nowadays tends to spoilt their children and that’s why their kids are disrespectful, loud and almost uncontrollable.

Nomad said...

@Anon 4:00pm

Thank you for sharing your views! Finally someone who shares somewhat similar views. It's frustrating sometimes that some others are so wrapped up in their own lives that they want every one to accede to them, yet they do not put themselves in the position of others. Sigh.

I too heartily agree with you! Our parents in the older era used to scold kids who misbehaved. While some may go overboard to the extreme of "children should be seen and not heard", yet, I appreciate those sensibilities that comes along with the reprimands. These days, kids are like expensive fragile commodities, cannot scold, cannot discipline else they will have freaking low esteem. No wonder societies across countries are raising a bunch of strawberries generation. (just a generalisation but does not mean every child is so)

Anonymous said...

I'm a parent of a 1 year old AND I share similar views with the author of the article. There are parents who just ignore their kids without consideration to other diners.

The fault is not with the kid - the fault is with the parent.

Yes, my one year old cannot understand my instructions. Yes, my one year old can cry despite everything I can do. And yes, my kid WILL still disrupt other diners even if I bring her out of the restaurant right away!

Why do I agree with the author? It's simple - if I am out dining with my kid, I WOULD like to visit an obviously kid friendly establishment with other parents who can understand my situation without me being embarrassed at her fussing.

On the other hand, if I were out WITHOUT my kid, I would definitely like some peace and quiet without being disruption! If you are a parent, wouldn't you like some peace and quiet on occasions?

I would say having no-child-policy is a win-win on every front. The restaurants that implement a no-child-policy are going to get patrons who want peace. The restaurants that implement a child-friendly-policy are going to get parents with kids that can have fun with each other!