Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Overheard in the Shangri La hotel elevator, a conversation between an American old lady and a Chinese young lady translating for her mum.

Gran: Your necklace matches my earrings. (Pointing to young lady's mother) 
Lady: Oh yes. 
Gran: They are lovely. 
Lady: Yes. 
Gran: Mine are from Israel. 
Lady: oOHh! Is Real?
Gran: Israel. 
Lady: Is Real.
Gran: No. Not real. Israel. 
Lady: ah. (Silence)

Granny stepped out of elevator. The young lady turned to her mum and asked in Mandarin. 
"Israel 是什麼?" ( what's Israel?)

Mum who doesn't speak a word of English replied "以色列". 

I tried really hard not to grin through out the rest of the elevator ride.

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