Wednesday, December 24, 2014

24th Dec 2014: Arrrrgghhh

Sometimes I don't understand my mum. She really don't listen to things I tell her when it's said nicely. She will always pushed to the point that I had to snap or raised my voice before she will stop doing things I tell her not to. Arrrggghhh.

For example I was prepping food by the sink. She kept rinsing the cloth and wiping the sink (not counter top but the damn sink) dry. I told her nicely "mum leave it first coz I will still be rinising other stuff n will get wet" she don't acknowledge. I went to cut my carrots n rinising my knife and she was at it again, I told her nicely "mum later. I will wipe down after I'm Done. ". She put her used cutlery in the sink and I was in the middle of washing the mug with water splashing and she went to wipe the sink again! I got really irritated and I have to raise my voice "MUM just STOP it. I TOLD u I will wipe it after I'm finished. Why are u wasting water n effort to wipe it dry and I'm in the middle of washing n the sink will be WET?!!!! " only then she stopped.

I don't get it.
It's not the first instance that she is so stubborn. It's so vexing to talk to her sometimes.

I appreciate many things she does but sometimes, I really wish she won't make me repeat 4-5 times n pissed off before she will stop. My MIL will always get it after I tell her things 1 time but my mum.... Sigh. And people always think I'm exaggerating when I say i get along better with my in laws than my own parents.

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