Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec 2014: a round up for the year

Finally managed to retrieve my password to blog again!!

Can't believe it's already Dec in a blink of an eye!!!
Most of my herbs have died from neglect except my rosemary.
Not to mention my ficus was invaded by swarm of caterpillars happily chewing their heart out demolishing the leaves by the minutes!!! Good thing my mum is here to help me rid the caterpillars!!

In the short span of 4-5 months, much has happened!

Not sure what's up with my bro and his useless wife but looks like it's heading for the inevitable separation path. Frankly, I have never gave this marriage a vote of confidence knowing her princess like behaviour which she prob will never admit to. We gave it 2 years but looks like it ended in less than 1.5yrs...

In that 1.5yrs, I had refused to call home because I don't want to hear mum
Bitch about her all the time. About her laziness, her empty promises, her major spendthrift ways, her alcoholic ways, her always coming home late after 2 am, her inability to do housework or even clean their own bedroom toilet, her constant "forgetfulness" to even take their own bed sheet to laundry for washing etc. OMG! I'm so sick of hearing all these things even before the wedding that I have enuff of hearing rubbish things about rubbish people that I had to cut the link to preserve my sanity. I can't stand constant hearing negative over a bitch that I have no interest in nor any desire to engage in any conversation that involves her. My policy towards people I dislike immensely is to treat them like complete stranger n not even think about them.

So imagine my non surprise when I receive a text  that proclaim about the big fight and the end of a mismatched marriage. I flew mum over so that she can detached herself from the situation n let my brother handle his own marital affairs, whichever way he wants.

My mum absolutely detest bitchface n was worried that my brother wants to take the bitch back.
After one week of listening to my mum floodgate of complaints over this bitch, I had about enough and had to tell my mum to stop by 3rd week. I had to put a ban on the topic and told my mum under no circumstances I want to hear bitch being mentioned in my household. She's a bloody jinx n I don't want her bad luck to contaminate my current happy home with all her negativity. Plus I told my mum, that her son is old enuff to make his own decision n we are in no position to influence his choice no matter how much we dislike or loathe the bitch. Marital matters are between the two of them n from the day he chose to marry her despite the whole family raising reasonable doubts & concerns, he has to bear the consequences of his choice. We can only sit by the sidelines, offer views only when asked n be supportive of his final decision or procrastination whichever it is. No matter how much we may dislike her, we are not the ones who have the final say. So no point bitching about something n someone u have no control over. Plus, I don't see why we need to waste so much energy n invest so much emotions over a dead weight fake bitch who will never change for the better? She will think she is always rite and be obnoxious about it, so wats the point?

Finally after 4 weeks, my mum realised I meant biz when I say "stop I don't want to hear abt wat bitchface did, didn't do or say. Not interested." I have to teach my mum how not to hold so
Much negativity in her life or she will never be happy. Then all she will ever  make a habit is constant bitching n complaining about other people which is NOT how I live my life. I think 2-3 weeks for her to rave and rant is more than enuff. I think she's getting it but it's been such a lifetime of habit I think will be hard for her to kick so long as she return back to Sg n get sucked right back into the environment. Oh well, I do wat I can. After all I'm prob the only one at home who can be firm with her without offending her majorly. My eldest bro will get backlash from her if he tries to do that & she will be extremely upset if her fav son does it to her & she will think her son is siding with the other woman.

Now, my mum is channeling her focus on my plants, cooking and playing farm heroes.
I'm quite impressed that she is almost at level 100! No small feat for someone over 65yr old. Quite proud of her. Now...if only I can work on her diet to make it healthier... She's eating too
Much snacks n sweets n greasy oily food. I had to put a stop to fried food because it's too oily. I don't know when her cooking become so unhealthy. Unfortunately for her, she will have to adopt my less salt, no sugar and minimal oil diet. I think she's suffering. Lol

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