Saturday, December 27, 2014

27 Dec 2014: Sometimes I wish my mum isnt so stubborn....

There really is no end to my mum's stubbornness.
It irritates u more when she refuse to recognise it.

For example she bought some Australian mango.
She bought 2 and they were half green. I told her she had bought really unripe ones and will take a long while like at least a week before she can eat them. She look at me and insisted that it's ripe because she can smell it. I told her "No mum. This Australian mango is not ready. If u slice it now it will be sour." She repeated "no! Who says mango must be yellow. U dunno in singapore those still green mango are ripe?"

I have to hold my rising blood pressure n repeated "these are Australian
Mango and I hand been eating them for last 10 years. The green mango u eat in singapore are Thai mango, I dunno how they are but I'm telling u this Australian mango needs to turn orange red before u can eat. I def know Australian mango better than u since it's native fruit for my man!!"

So mum left it in the fruit bowl as I told her. Two days later, the mango scent is stronger but still 1/3 green. Stubbornly my mum put the mango in the fridge n declare it's ready. I got really fed up n took the mango out. It's not cheap n I have no intention to waste my fruit just coz she's too stubborn to listen. I told her that fridge will halt the ripening n it's not ready. She keep insisting it smells ripe n that it will be soft n soggy. I refuse to comment further.

Finally 3 days more the fruit is almost all yellow n I stuck it in the fridge.

When we cut it, it was sweet ripe n firm. My mum was like all surprised. I told her "if u had cut it when it was green, I would have to thrown my whole mango away. And the fruit was firm n
Not soggy rite?". Only then was she convinced she's not always rite.

She finally bought another one and this time is almost orange red n I told her this can go to fridge earlier since it's almost ripe. She conceded finally that not all mango are to be eaten half green.

When she bought guava, again she insisted that hard guava is ready. I told my mum it needs to give a little when pressed before guava will be sweet.  Again she brushed me off saying guava is her specialty. Since guava isn't expensive, I let her go experience her theory.  I told her to skin the guava as the skin will cause constipation while the seed will provide the fiber for bowel movement. Again she didn't believe me. She insisted skin is good. I told her u can keep your skin but I will remove mine. After trying one guava with skin on, she experienced constipation n finally conceded again she was wrong.

After 4 guava, sour ones, she blamed the shop owner bluff her. She left one to sit in fruit bowl. I left it till it has some give when u press it. She insisted that guava is spoilt but it turned out fine and was finally sweet. Instead of admitting she was wrong, she now claimed it's overripe n too soft inside n she don't like it. sigh. luckily i liked it and ate it.

She also told me she like perssimon. I told her it belongs to "Han" (寒) category but she insisted it was warm. I had to dig out this fruits n health BOOK by Taiwan nutritionist and show it to her so she will stop doubting wat i said..

I'm just so tired of correcting all her wrong notions n she's so freaking stubborn that she must do things her way, proven wrong before she will listen to other people. It's like she just don't get it that we do grow up n learn things too.

More recently, I like my mum's steam pork egg dish. I told her that I like that for lunch every day. She said she cannot understand how it is possible to eat same thing. I told her it's fine, i like it and there are other dishes to provide variety. She keep asking if she takes out pork will be better. I told her no, I don't like steam egg alone it will taste weird.

One week later, despite me refusing her offer to steam egg alone, she had to cook the steam egg today without the pork or minimal. It tasted not very nice but since it's cooked I just ate it since I don't want to waste food n assumed we ran out of pork. However, when I opened the fridge, there is was, a 3/4 full raw minced pork. I asked her why didn't she used it today then? She said oh I plan to use it tomorrow but I said but it states expires today!!! Why would u keep it for after expiry date n waste perfectly expensive good Japanese pork when u could have used it today? I was annoyed coz I know she just want to cook the steamed egg because she thinks no one can eat same dish everyday, rather than wat I wanted. It's so frustrating coz now I have to put in freezer n eat expired pork. Jesus Christ.

Then when it comes to steam fish, she keep asking me how long to steam fish. Yet she keep splitting the fish in half and plate it like in aeroplane shape. I told her many times I don't want my fish opened up like that because u are causing the fish natural juices to seep out more but she stubbornly insist on doing her own way. Finally I told her "if I want to cook your own way, then I have no comments n don't ask me how long to cook because I dunno with ur cutting style.  U want to ask me to time it then u have to keep the fish intact the way I cook it. Finally one month, she finally does it the way I steam my fish before I will answer how long to steam the fish for.

The problem with mum is that she keep thinking she is very "liberal" and open minded but she really isnt. In her own world she thinks she is very receptive but to the real people around her, she is frustratingly stubborn and while she will pay u lip service that she may agree with u, she will still secretly do things her own way until she is proven wrong. Sigh.

I dunno if all mums are so difficult or just my mum so used to getting her own way.

Sometimes she is ok esp when its unknown terriority that she is unused to and she will be more open to listen to u, but sometimes she drives me up the wall when it comes to moments that she thinks she knows best. Even my husband commented one nite to me "You mum is really stubborn." I shrugged my shoulders. What can i Say?

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