Saturday, February 21, 2015

floating thots

It's sometimes still rather bewildering, how an educated intelligent person can have his life so ruled by superstitious belief. Before I go on, I'm not against all chinese belief. Some I would even uphold it myself such as "not stepping on burnt offerings", "challenge the unknown" etc. However, I draw the line allowing a fortune reading dictate my life.

I believe in moving forward positively in life, having a clean cut or break with people & things that are not meant to be. That's when u purge yourself of negativity n MOVE on instead of dragging feet waiting for things to happen. I have "waited" for things to happen once when I was younger and that only left me years of stagnant void emotional state that served no purpose except self punishment for no good reason. Luckily I'm a fast learner in life and told myself if I let history repeat itself twice, I am the world's biggest idiot. So I revamped my thots, worked out exactly what I will no longer compromise and what greeted me onwards are many years of laughters and happiness with the right mate. Yet there are people who are happy to be repeated fools.

If u let a slip of fortune teller slip tell u wat to do, u are in great trouble. If the slip told u that ur marriage is not to be, the notion will linger in your head and depending on the person, likely to result in detrimental results...with harboured thoughts such as "I knew it. It has been foretold" Which in turn spells less effort to make the marriage work. The power of negative subsconcious I found has a very delibitating impact on a person. Esp if the person isn't an optimist to start with. The shroud of gloom and foretold "negativity" will bound to influence his behaviour n thots.

If one day I had to make a marriage or medical choice, I would make my decision n bound my actions based on facts.

I won't say fortune telling is fraud. Far from that, I think if u meet a good one, it actually does tell u the truth of your life. But that's all it does. It TELLS you about the major milestone in your life, like a sneak preview. It doesn't alter your course in life. I'm a firm believer that how your life will pan out is predestined. It might help you come to terms with your decisions in life but I do not believe that any sane person should blindly follow a fortune teller to not act on something.

I rem a story that I heard abt this foretold fortune of a baby.
The parents were told that the child will live a life of being served, never have to
Lift a finger and he will have no worries.

The parents were happy. Anyone would hearing such great divine fortune being told.

Years later at young age, this child met with accident and was in coma. The parents were devastated n confronted the fortune teller saying he lied. But the fortune teller replied, your son was indeed served his life by nurses n care without raising a finger, and being in coma indeed meant that he had no worries. I cannot tell u in wat manner it will happen but the outcome is as predicted.

My takeaway was that u can ask your God many questions and he may attempt to answer u. However your interpretation would or may never be wat was intended because human fallacy is always to inject their own will n thots into the readings. Your life course will not change. However your attitude might.

I have lived a life generally free from my mum's indoctrination of "fortune telling" and religious belief. It's not that I believe in nothing, but rather I don't subscribe to any religion because I believe life is what YOU make out of it and it's not God that can change u, its you who can change you and overcome your own demons. A person can subscribe to a dozen gods but if inherently the attitude remained unchanged, no God can save u or undo your repeated mistakes. But if believing in a religion makes u happier n calmer then sure by all Means go ahead but the sad thing is, I have yet to see any one fully change by their faith.

Live life to the fullest with minimal regrets.
Say wat u mean and mean what u say.
Reach for the stars but plan for the worst.
Accept changes n unexpected with an open heart
If u are angry about something, spit it out in a controlled manner. Keeping silence or throwing a rampant rage solve nothing.
Most of all, disassociate yourself with all things n people who are negative. Their aura will weigh u down and zap the energy from u overtime. If u can't change them, then leave them be.

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