Thursday, January 8, 2015

8th Jan 2015: Another one of those "I dunno it wasn't me" episode.

My mum for some reason really like to "deny" any "responsibility" at first instant. 

Was sleeping and heard a loud sound, like something dropped. Thinking it might be my wall clock, I came out to inspect to the sound origin. 

I saw my mum squatting by my bookshelf, didn't say a word. I merely ask her "wat happened? Did something drop?" 

Her first reaction was "I dunno wat happen. Your alarm clock dropped to the floor. I DIDNT touch it. I didn't go near it"

Firstly, I wasn't even accusing her of anything and secondly, it's impossible for my clock to "just drop" from the shelf without any human interventation. I saw her holding to a recipe and I figured she was either taking or putting the cook book next to the alarm clock. I just said "never mind" & went back to my room but I couldn't get back to sleep anymore.

Half hour later in the kitchen, my mum volunteered information on her own accord. "Your things like to bully me" I was like huh??? Wat on earth are u talking about? U burnt my scan pan pot, almost burnt my wmf pot, u burnt my plastic vege tray, wreaked my metal plate ( because u went to put the plate above the flame directly coz u too lazy to use a pot) and now u say my things "bully" you?!!!

I didn't reply her just smile n continue to sort my laundry for washing. Something I REFUSE to let her do because my mum is renowned for wreaking clothes since I was young and that's why I refuse to let her wash any of my clothes since I was 12yrs old. (She had no concept of doing laundry, no idea of washing whites separately from blacks & coloured, and she don't really know how to hang dry stuff because she FOLD towels into 3 layers and clip together expecting them to dry properly?!!! How to?!! It was stink coz it's not air dried properly!!) 

Anycase back to her confession. She narrated "your clock suddenly dropped. I only want to take the book but the clock fell on it's own. I wasn't even near it"

In my head, I don't understand why she wants to deny and spin a story instead of just saying "sorry I was taking the book n drop your clock by accident"

I just don't get why she couldn't come clean when no one will blame her?? I
Mean accidents happen n who cares but to pretend it wasn't her ( when it was obviously)  is just something I don't get.. 

My man commented to me the other nite, that it's very hard to imagine I'm my mum's daughter because we are so completely different in the way we think and do things. Strange. 

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