Sunday, December 20, 2015

20 Dec: Feeding baby

This cooking for baby thingie sucks up so much time but I'm glad at least the little one seem to enjoy his food. His dad complains he doesn't even get such kingly treatment! Lol! 

There's a bloody long list of food I haven't got round to feeding him. 
The only things I have fed him by 8 months for the last 2 months

1. Avocado
2. COD fish
3. Pork
4. Chicken breast
5. Hairy gourd
6. Zucchini
7. Baby kale
8. Swede
9. Sweet potato ( not his fav)
10. Carrot
11. Pumpkin
12. Butternut squash
13. Ginger
14. Green pea
15. Apple
16. Pear
17. Mango
18. Banana
19. Rice for congee
20. Dried sardines
21. Longan
22. Yogurt
23. Baby Spinach 
24. Egg yolk
25. Oat cereal
26. Grapes ( not his fav)
27. Papaya ( not his fav) 

Things waiting to try when I find time
1. Nectarine/ peaches
2. Cheese / formage frais
3. Bread ( don't fancy the sugar in it)
4. Pasta / macaroni
5. Tomato
6. Broccoli
7. Black berries
8. Weetabix
9. Tofu
10. Beef
11. Winter melon
12. Garlic
13. Onion
14. Corriander
15. Rosemary
16. Nutmeg
17. Cinnamon
18. Persimmon
19. Rock melon

Was shopping in Citysuper the other day and was stopped by his HK grandmother. She kept staring at us when we bought the cod. Then she explained she wanted to know wat I was feeding my boy as she thought her grandson is too small for his age. I was surprised that she didn't seem to know what to feed n portion to feed the child, and she's doing the reading up instead of the mum? Seems like she's the primary care taker. She seemed surprised that I cook my porridge in meat stock instead of plain water. She seemed even more surprised that I added a variety of ingredients into one meal. 

She asked me what normally goes inside my baby's meal.  I told her for lunch and dinner normally 1 meat+ carrot+ squash+ avo+veggie with 1 fruit. Makes up to half rice bowl. Her eyes went wide saying that's a lot. My eyes went wide when she said she only has 2 ingredients and her grandson is already over 9-10months. Wait till she hears how much fruit I put in the morn yogurt... Lol. Even little one daddy is jealous, not to mention saying so much work since he's on baby duty this whole week while I'm Sick. 

The only problem I have is little one doesn't know how to feed himself yet. I have no idea how to progress him to finger food. He takes it, he squeezes n squash them but won't put in his mouth. He only takes food from spoon. That lazy bugger. He was drinking from cup when young but now he got lazy n refuse. When I feed him water via spoon, he will blow bubbles at the spoon n spit water out for fun. He won't do that to his food but water, he will keep playing with it and let them dribble out. Drives me nuts. 

And what's with eating and pooing?!! Everytime I start feeding him in his high hair, he will want to poo. Then I'm stuck between feeding him or change his nappy. Damnit. 

Meanwhile...still thinking about when to stop with breastmilk. Initial goal was 3 months, got moved to 6 months and now it's 9 months!! I think 12 months is too much. Ever since I embark on this breastmilk thingie, my body has gone shit and I keep falling sick. Recovery is slow as snail. I miss my rest hours. Then again, partial guilt arises if I decide to stop when I see him lapping up breast milk so heartily. Damnit. 

My gf told me she faces the same delimma previously when deciding when to quit. Yet after she quit, she said she felt so happy n wonder why she took
So long. Makes me wonder if I feel the same. My hubby is dying for me to
Quit. Only coz it frees up his time lol. The more time I have, the more time he has to Do his stuff. Of course he knows it too that baby prefers his breastmilk..  Sigh. 
Another month then see? 

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