Wednesday, November 25, 2015

25 Nov: falling back to routine

Finally! My boy is well again and back to his good old self! 

That means no more clingy whiny boy that needs constant carrying to sleep. He is back to falling asleep on his own after I put him on the bed. All I need is to lay next to him and watch him slowly closing his eyes n succumb to Zzzzz monster. 

I don't know how other babies sleep at 8pm. I guess those mums must enjoy waking at 5 or 6am? I let my little one sleep at 10 or 10.30pm n wakes at 7.30 or 8am. Thank goodness he is back to sleeping through the night again without waking. 

His appetite been huge these days. Must be another growth spurt. He's chucking down like 220-200ml each session. Which is really a lot since his usual prior sickness was average 160ml saved for the morn 200ml when he first woke. We are wondering if it's not growth spurt, then he must be making up for lost fats. He has definitely lost weight after that horrid 3 weeks of sickness n small food intake. Now, he is chomping down his solids and his milk like a champ! 

He's keeping longer awake hours now. Averaging 10 waking hours a day. The best way was to go out n keep him distracted with new surroundings. Then he will be really exhausted when he gets back. Save me having to play with him for long hours.

Meanwhile, I am trying to ward away this annoying stuff nose n start of a cough. It has been bothering me for a while. It's not full blown but it's not gone either. Irritating. 

Another of my gf seem to be struggling a lot with new parenthood. Her boy can't seem to sleep well. Well, it's partly her own fault I think. 

When the baby was discharged, she didn't take my advice to swaddle the baby. I told her she had to Wrap his hands to prevent jerking motion. Just leave his legs free to move. I even recommended the really good swaddle me up bag for newborn. Instead of trusting me, she said her confinement lady tell her don't need to swaddle and she told me that Canada don't swaddle babies. I left it to her n her decision since its her baby. 

Yet few weeks later, she shared that her baby is not sleeping well, always restless n keep waking up coz he gets startled by his own hands jerking. After 3 weeks she decides oh she better swaddle. 

I told her to go get the sleep bag that will keep newborn snug n prevent jerking. 2 weeks later she complain baby still crying n not sleeping well. I ask what happen n the bag don't work? She said baby still jerking and active in sleep. I was surprised the bag didn't work since it worked so well with my boy n another excolleague whom I had given the bag to (her baby had the same jerking crying problem) 

After chatting a while, then I realise she didn't use the bag I recommend but put the baby in a sleeveless sleeping bag. 
*face palm* how will sleeveless bag help your hand jerking motion? Didn't I explain to u already?? 

I replied that sleeveless sleep bags are really only good for 3 months onwards because those are more for preventing them Kicking blankets off rather than for hands (strangely my boy likes his blanket. Lol) 

So after close to 1.5month, my gf n her hubby are still experimenting n mucking around instead of just heeding my advice to get the tried n tested product for their problem. She remarked "your baby is really so much easier to look after than mine"

I didn't tell her coz I don't wait around till the problem manifest into a sleep problem! I mean a sleepless baby has got to be a cranky one right?! 

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