Wednesday, January 6, 2016

5 Jan 2016: The "backlog" moronic ex maid left behind

Now that bloody moronic maid is gone, been doing most things myself. Twice a week a local lady comes in to cook lunch which gives me some respite to catch up on other admin things. 

Other than that I'm actually super happy that I get the whole place back to myself! Especially my laundry room that I can wash through the night and turn on my humidifier to dry the clothes thoroughly! With the bitch in the way, i have to mess up my living room with racks and worse clothes don't dry properly since the area is too large to have effective humidifier working. Plus, when I cook, my kitchen is always in clean state. ALWAYS. Not the bloody oily piled up mess she leaves behind. Plus I have to make up for her slackness. She spend 3 hours every night dunno clean what fuck. I spend one hour and to clean areas she never wiped!!! So obvious when I see all the dirt n dust in the drawers handles grooves, bits and pieces of food under the cabinet area, and the exhaust hood. Fucker must be spacing out in that 3 hours pretending to work. The inside of the cabinet doors are filthy in the 7 months she was here. So the last few days had been me catching up on the cleaning load that she left behind. My hubby was concerned that I was cleaning so much but I told him I need to refresh my kitchen. All the chopping boards so filthy so I bought new ones. My wmf knives are wreaked n my scan pan non stick pan are goners.all these need to restock. 

Toilets. I need to rescrub them as I realise she has NEVER clean it with the toilet detergents. I bought 3 bottles and they are all there untouched. FULL. She has just been using water and cloth n got knows how often she change the cloth. No wonder I always thought my toilet don't smell fresh. She only make sure there are no mould on the tiles as I check n ask her to scrub and she can't laze on that. 

Bedsheets. Told the bitch to change bedsheets realise she never wash the mattress protector for months! Dear lord. 

So imagine all the backload I had to clear over the long weekend. Of course my hubby won't understand or know the massive cleanup involved. Sigh. 

Despite being sooo busy, yet I'm immensely happy. Now... If only my little one will give me more time to scrub the carpets....

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