Sunday, April 10, 2016

5 April: Moving!

After much deliberation we have finally decided to move back to Sg to save rental cost since hubby still not working. Doesn't look like he will find a job soon with all the Chinese requirements

We just got back from Australia visiting his family and as usual, his fucking sister pissed me off again. Another story another time.

One thing my mother in law noticed n came to ask me privately was "what is wrong with her son". She too thought he has become a different person, impatient, quick to point fingers, sensitive and basically not thinking clearly making a lot of time wasting decisions. I told my Mil that it has been like that for a while n I'm tolerating him for over a year now. Especially the quick to get angry part really pisses me off. A few times now I have to tell him off to let me finish my sentence. 

Since we decided to move back, again he did nothing. He said he will contact Santa Fe n guess what? Ended up with me doing everything. I told him to pack some of his personal stuff quickly as we need to make use of all times, fucking ignore me. Rather waste his time looking at non urgent things like property market in oz, download movies, surf internet n Fb, arrange lunches with frens. Do I want to slap him, of course. 

So I wrote a list of things for him to do n he still procrastinating giving invalid reasons. Told him to update address with banks n terminate gas acct, he tells me must wait till Monday. Of course I was annoyed since Monday will be busy taking baby for injection etc n grocery shopping. I ask why cant he do it today? He says must go bank. I told him why can't do online? He says don't have n must submit form. I login to update my address n told him "u can do it online". Only then he says I just saw it. Then he exclaim oh cannot! No overseas address option. I really cannot take it n told him "yes u can! I just did it!!! The option is right in front of u". 

Then he complain he's hungry n no food. No bread etc. I search the fridge n said there's chicken thigh he can eat. Then he said "but there's nothing to eat with" I was annoyed. I told him "can't u just cook rice with it? U first complain there's no food, then I found meat for u you want to pick n say nothing to eat with?" Silence. Then I added "why can't u eat your cereal?? I bought a new pack for u n there's milk n fruits." Then he went "oh yah"

See what I mean by I have to think of everything for him? It's almost like his brain has shrunk?

Even selling of furniture or talking to landlord etc, he depends on me to do it. I dunno why he cannot do it but never mind. It's faster that I do it. 

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