Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Memory trigger

Was searching for something online and a familiar face pop up in one of the article.

Twice now I thought he was a dusty memories almost perished in existence but nope, once again, it is proven that my brain may be foggy about details but that call he put through donkey years ago left an indelible mark.

It's funny coz seeing face triggered a whole series of memories that has been tucked away in some compartment n I rem that call. That call that was too late. That call that he said he had loved me. Why m I still cringing I don't know.

Of course he's married now, I presumed so since it's an article about him n his partner setting a brand new business cafe concept in sg. I couldn't resist, being a woman or a bored mum curious for juicy gossip, to just want to know how does he look like now? Lol. Shallow I know... I know but hey, this is a guy who has once wore his heart on his sleeve n so I guess anyone in my shoes will want to see the Fave now.

Turns out he didn't change much. For a while he was chubby, not so nice.  Then he lost weight. Looks better. Hair still as funky lol. He seems happy with his two new love. He has always been a gentle guy so I think his new venture suits him. At least now I know where he works n I know exactly where to avoid bumping into him though I think he prob would hardly care.

I guess i kind of look back n second guess my decision in not telling him what he wanted to know back then n gave him a curt emotionless reply to get him moving along. I thought it was best for both of us. I think I did right but leaving an option as frens wasn't in my list then. It's thankful we don't have too many common frens.

End of memory trip

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