Thursday, July 20, 2006

Arriving at shanghai

Its always tiring to return from Biz Trip. At least thankfully this time round i got some decent sleep and didnt have any noisy neighbors as per last trip. IN fact, the hotel upgraded me to the executive corner room with the full magnificent view of the city lights. It was really pretty!!! Then again, I hardly spend any time in my room.

Arrived @ hotel about 9.30pm. There was a jam from Pudong airport to JWM hotel and I had the rare friendly taxi who acted as my "tour guide". He was explaining the sights and names of the various places we passed by and pointed out the bund to me. Even though i had already been there, I didnt want to cut him off and so i just listened to him and responded whenever i think it was required of me out of politeness.

This was first time i stayed in JWM in shanghai. So it came as a surprised that their lobby was situated at 38level. When the lift opened, i saw Anson and desmond sitting at the lounge waiting for me. Hoo Hoo. Aparently the silly boys waited for an hour to go for dinner together.

After checking in and everything, the boys decided to head for Karaoke. We headed to this place Party world which was HUGE! Its like a hotel except that each room is fitted with huge 42inch tv, sofa seat and mics for you to explode your lungs from singing. They even have a wide spread of food like what hotels provide. Incredible. Singing is huge biz in shanghai and its the clean image sort, not one of those sleasy bars. The rarest in shanghai, i didnt even smell cigarette! Cool! So the boys entertained me singing all sort of OLD songs that had me cracking up like a mother hen. It was hilarious when the 2 boys did the "Monica" and "standup" songs by leslie chung. I realise how different Hk and Singapore, China preference are. Desmond would pick all the HK singers like Leon Lai etc while me and Anson would pick more of Taiwan songs/ singers which Desmond never heard of.

Anycase, we call it a day by 1.30am as i needed to be up early for meeting teh next day. Unfortunately, desmond wasnt sleepy and wanted to chat and so i listened to him for the next 2phours until I couldnt hold up and i told him i needed to sleep. The shitty thing was, I couldnt sleep after 4am and stare at the clock till 5am. It will be a miracle tomorrow if i wake by 9am.

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