Wednesday, July 26, 2006

First Boat Trip

Have my first boat trip with the company yesterday after the internal meeting.

LL shared with us the greatest news on our sales performance and it was so exciting just to hear about potentially getting this really really goregous Hollywood guy (canx say who until it actually happens) down for possible product event!! But of coz that is all in the air and possibly pulling our leg for all we know... Anycase, saw the presentation slides for some of the new global product launch and it was gorgeous!!!! Canx say much or I am gonna get into trouble here!

So at 5pm, we all rushed down to Central Queen Pier and hoped into our boat and headed 2 hours to the new territories for seafood dinner. The trip was really nice! The waves werent as choppy as i fear and it was nice breeze and i had great company of coz.

Jo, Linda and I headed to the front of the boat since most of the management people were on the top deck. The scenic view was magnificent and tranquil. Too bad i didnt bring my camera.

Dinner was amazing and we were stuffed beyond imagination. We had steam abalone, scallops, hairy crabs, lobster noodle, soup, huge steam fish and this local thing called :Lai Liu Ha: which they have no idea of the English term. I thought it looked a cross between prawn and morten bug (cray fish). It was fried and tasted like crayfish anycase. I have never had such a big piece of the leg of the hairy crab. I was almost expecting some other huge sea monster size dish to be served on my plate!

By 10.30pm, we were stuffed and some of us headed back to the boat while some took a cab home from there. The trip back was quieter and chatted a little with Joanne. She wanted to head to the front of the boat and found my boss there as well. So anycase, we sat down and chatted a little about movies and HK women . Ha ha ha. No further comments here...

The view back into the city was really pretty. cruising in the breeze and heading towards the lights. Its like a welcoming home kinda feeling, though i didnt fail to remind my boss that it was also precisely of the lights that is causing the air pollution due to constant burning of fuels...

So the nite came to an end about 12am at the pier. What can i say except it was fun and i am having a sore throat now!

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