Thursday, December 20, 2007

Honey Pork Ribs

In my mum's last visiting trip, she had passed me some recipes she had compiled based on her trips to library. I have to admit this particular Honey ribs that I have tried is one of the best recipe I had tried and really liked. Easy and quick to prepare is understatement, but the fact that it tasted really good was another matter :) I did variations to the original recipe and am glad i did.

1. American Pork Ribs (in sydney) / Pork Spare ribs (in asia)
2. Extra Honey for blasting/ coating during drilling
3. 1 spoon of tomato sauce combined with 1 spoon of water

2 spoon of chinese rice wine ( Got this clear neutral smelling Taiwan rice wine version that doesnt have that strong funny smell like shaoxin or huatiao rice wine)
2 spoon of Hoisin sauce (or more depending on flavour intensity)
1 spoon of salt
1 teaspoon of olive oil
2 spoon of dark soy sauce ( or more depending on how darken you like your ribs)
2 spoon of honey

To cook.
1. Chop the rib rack into smaller pieces (about 2-3 ribs per section piece)
2.Marinate the pork ribs for at least an hour ( i prefer mine for 2 hours and more) and store in fridge
3. Preheat oven to 250 C. degrees
4. Place marinated ribs onto the foiled metal tray and grilled/oven bake it for 15mins or until it is dark brown.
5. brush and coat the ribs with extra honey., as well as extra remaining marinating sauce.
6. Brush with a tomato sauce mixture.
7. Bake/grill until cook (another 5mins or when the surface looks cripsy, not burnt)


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