Monday, December 10, 2007

Rain rain rain...

Rain rain rain.

Has been nothing but flash flood, heavy downpour in sydney recently... so much for a hot summer for the beach people....

According to news, up to 50mm of rain has soaked parts of Sydney as a three-day weather front moves through coastal areas and the central tablelands of NSW.

As a result from all these unpredictable rainfall, I have to now stock up my fridge with lotsa meat for "one of those days" where I wont be able to shop since I wont want to face a hailstorm and rain rampage.

Meanwhile, i am just glad I have stock up on my crate of mango... its the mango season now and my god they are yummy!!!! A mango aday, with some vanilla icecream to go along, man this is decadent living ;p

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