Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Santa being banned from saying Ho Ho Ho..

Talk about some Americans going overboard with their protest and "political correctness". The latest news today is that "Santa" has apparently been told not to use the famous phrase "Ho Ho Ho".

If you are bewildered like I am, yup, join the club. This whole "PC" thing is getting out of hand..The reason for the ban were because the phrase could "frighten children" and was too close to "ho" which is a US slang term for prostitute. If a child is frightened by Santa, I would reckon its more to do with the "big size" and the fact that the child is being handed to a beardy stranger than what he says. The arguement that a normal child is able to translate what "Ho Ho Ho" means apart from being associated with Santa cheery greetings is beyond me...

I'm a woman, I absolutely dun feel offended if santa goes Ho Ho Ho at me. Plus, he is saying "ho Ho Ho", NOT "You are a HO". Its a different usage of word isnt it? If we have to ban every one that has negative conotation, we might as well stop using the words "crack", "coke", "rubber", "bunny" etc, since all these words have alternative meanings to them. So honestly, all this useless dispute should be buried...

Incidentally...who cares what slang US uses for their hookers, afterall, its a local SLANG. If we were to avoid every single slang used in the WORLD, we prob might as well be using sign language to avoid agitating anyone with out words.

Like what one guy said on australian news interview, he said it best. "Its an AMERICAN slang, we are AUSTRALIANS, and so we can use any word we want!" I applaud that stand!

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