Sunday, December 30, 2007

Xmas Presents!

Yeah!!! Love my Xmas presents this year!!

My fav being the new ipod+radio Tivoli player of course. I love the bass and cripsy clear sound coming out of it...just a delight to the ears, not to mention sleek and chic design to boot!

Of course there's this wonderful water resistant picnic mat and portable bag of picnic set from Gwennie! I love the colours of the mat!!! Gwen has such good taste.. and had already used the functional mat the other day just chilling at the park (lazing in the greens reading my new book).

Then there is this thoughtful and lovely glove mitt all the way sent from was so sweet and came as a complete surprise! It was so pretty I am having two thoughts about using it for I guess I will only use it for baking where it risks being dirtied lesser.

Last but the least, the lovely candle holder from papaya. Its expensive but I rather love it and am such a proud owner of it!! :P

Aahhh.. such a lovely Xmas! Thanks to all for the lovely presents!

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Ah Dom said...

WOW. Lucky girl.