Friday, March 13, 2009

Birthday Dinner at Nicholini's

I havent update this for a while.

My birthday dinner at Nicholini @ Conrad Hotel was fantastic! The meal is really good Italian and while there were some hiccups, they were quickly pushed o the back of my mind with the recovery gesture. The ambience was cosy and relaxed, more sophisticated but not obnoxiously high brow and certainly not meant for causal diners. Dress nice but not over the top. Service was attentive and while not fluent, the English service was still acceptable and understandable by far and large.

There was a little slip with the service. I had ordered a glass of wine to come with my appetiser but after 2 reminders, it still didnt come even though I was into my 2nd starter. Finally, by the 3rd query, they realised the miscom and went to get my wine, offering my partner a free glass complimentary while apologising profusely. I didnt think it warrant such a fuss but well, I reckon excessive service is better than no service:)

For starters, I love my 3 way scallops though I think its a little overdone. Delicious regardless.

My seafood wrap main was excellent. There are no complaints there in the department. My partner's whole seabass was prob less than perfect but good nonetheless.

Towards the end, I was just commenting that I didnt get to blow any candles, and my forgetful husband told the waiter who was serving the dessert for a candle. When the staff learnt it was my birthday, he quickly retreated to redo the dessert with a candle, and sang a birthday song. In addition, I even got a lovely poloraid shot compliments of the restaurant with a conrad bear!

So from expecting nothing, i went home that day fully contented in all aspects! They even mailed a soft copy of the photo to us.... I'm truly glad I spent my birthday there! For a special dinner, Nicholini is definitely worth considering!

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