Sunday, March 29, 2009

Watching HK Sevens and chanced photo with Celebrity Charlie Yeung

Went to my first HK Sevens in Hong Kong today. It's the semi finals and finals today. We have free tickets to the executive level, so I figured might as well go check it out.

As usual, we have people dressing up as beer bottles, trojan, clowns and many more. It was like costume party parade. It was jam packed and crowded even at the suite area, so it makes it really hard to watch the game in full and unobstructed as there are constantly people walking around, including the servers. To me, it's basically an event for grown men to act silly, dress silly and let themselves revert back to a child. During the break, we have a fairy in pink ballet tootsie jumping into the empty field, did a few dance move and wriggle his butt at the audience before running back to the seats. A few more guys attempted similar act and the security tried to pull them back. Funny.

I decided to leave early as I wasnt feeling tip top today. It was a good decision because as we were walking down from HK stadium back to causeway bay to catch a bus back, it was then I bumped into another celebrity actress Yang Cai Ni. She was doing some photoshoot along the alley I normally have my chicken rice and as luck has it, I have my camera so I paused and hesitated to take some shoots of her. I didnt think much until her "nanny" or carer approached me and asked if she could help me. So i politely asked if it was possible to have a shot with the actress. The actress was being briefed about her subsequent work schedule and so I waited for a few minutes. I thought it would be unlikely as her schedule seemed packed but after she heard my request, she smiled and walked towards me agreeing to the shot. Fantastic! Not to mention she smelled delicious!

I was happy. I always have bumped into many Hk celebrities. Many times I either dont have my camera with me, or they dont look too friendly. So this time, it was truly all about luck and timing! Charlie Yeung was really sweet and friendly which made the experience a nice one. To think I was just telling my mum 2 days back that I think this actress is very pretty when we were watching her Tv show at home. The only pity was, I looked like shit today since I figure I was only going to see a game, but who cares! Another surprising thing was I didnt expect her to be shorter than me :) (she was wearing boots and I was wearing trackies)

No matter, thanks to Charlie was obliging this sudden request of photo shot in the middle of her work. She is just such a sweetie!


littlecartnoodles said...

Eye candy index :
Charlie Yeung > 5 ang moh chabos

"me-no-mad" said...

i so totally agree!!! Ang Moh chabos cannot compare. Charlie is oriental beauty based on her features and not based on fleshy indecent exposure + heavy makeup like the westerners.

She doesnt look like she has aged much though u can still see the eye bags underneath the makeup. She is just so sweet. *smitten*