Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainy week with Mum in town

Since my mum's arrival from Monday, the weather has been horrendous and hasnt let up. It's been raining and raining that it was virtually not possible nor plesant to bring my mum anywhere. I try not to hole her up in the apartment but there is only so much in door activity such as shopping I can bring her to. I hate shopping or walking around in a mall but I didnt want my mum to be stuck at home the whole week either.

SO instead of sightseeing, spent over SG$300 for mum on her Menard products. I hate it when she use those cheap nasty stuff so I decided to invest in something of better quality. Plus if I dont watch her, she is bound to get suckered in by those cosmetic people. So I bought her a set that should last her a good while.

We had planned to bring her to Po Lin to see the big buddha but no such luck as yet so long as the wind doesnt die down and rain cleared. I dont mind the mist but strong wind and cable car are not exactly compatible in my opinion. Guess we just have to play by ear but it's just a bad weather week.

Meanwhile, I need to get my mum accustomed to HK way of life. For starters, I need to get her to calm down and stop getting up from her seat before the minibus even come to a stop. I have absolutely NO idea what her rush or her fear was. I have to tell her how dangerous it is for her to just stand up while the bus is moving esp down a slope, and keep reminding to just sit down until the bus open the door and no one is gonna rush her, or the bus is not going to driver off suddenly leaving her behind. After a week, she has learn to relax abit and I no longer have to grab her arm and force her back to her seat. Told her the minibus is unlike those singapore SBS bus where you need to stand before the door to alight.

Also had her try to yell the bus driver to stop when it arrives near my place. I think it's the singapore culture where no one dares to speak out. So my mum tried but she was so soft that sitting next to her, i could barely hear her. The second time was better but I still couldnt hear her first word. Told her she doesnt need to be shy and just belt it out but it will take a while for her to get accustomed to I guess.

The next thing I had to look out for, is to prevent my mum from always rushing off to pay for things even before I am done. I told her several times I have the discount card and those points card but she always just head off to pay. No freaking idea what is the hurry or her fear again when I am still in the store looking for things. Sigh.... Need to get my mum to relax and chill. She is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy toooo kan cheong.

Today brought her to the wet market. She is like a little child, eyes wide open staring at all the live fish and prawns etc. However it was pouring so badly my my jeans are half soaked in water from the ground, I didnt have the mood to linger around to let her explore. another day perhaps.

Even next week as I plan to bring her to Taipei, the weather looks sucky too. Oh well. Not my fault. I am trying my best...cross my fingers....

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