Friday, May 1, 2009

Phuket Phuket here I come!

Yeah!!! Off to Phuket for one week from tomorrow! Finally, some sun and sea after so long.
Been looking kinda freakishly pale of late and some browning will really do me some good. On the flip side, being indoors for so long has also reduce the onslaught of freckles on my face. Then again, weather forecast thunderstorm for the whole week! Cross fingers that heaven will be kind to me for at least couple of days.

Going to try Hotel Indigo Pearl and another resort for the week. Have heard so much about Indigo that I figure its high time I go check it out. Would have return to Lombok if there were direct flights but not from HK apparently. Pity.

Well, hopefully the swine flu wont reach where I will be heading! Then again, its prob not much more riskier than staying in HK where it is densely populated anyway should the flu comes on with full frontal attack at Asia region.

Did anyone hear the joke on Paris Hilton when paparazzi asked her if she was concerned about the swine flu. The blondie never failed to shock one with her intelligence. She replied "I dont eat that."


BarryO said...

Went to Borneo in Dec, it was forecasting thunderstorms then, I came back looking like a cooked lobster.

Flights to Bangkok in 2 weeks time but still no idea where we want to eventually get too yet.

Have a good hols.

*This message has not been sterilized for swine flu, read at your peril

Nomad said...

Haaa haaaa!!!

Well U were spot on. So much for thunder was burning bright till the last day of my hols. Though lobster look would be stretching it a little thin for me... I'm looking more like the locals who have been working the rice paddies their whole life, the sort of coffee brown...fetching huh..blending in with the local look. :)

*swine flu exterminated. (~v~)