Monday, December 7, 2009

Another year older my friend

Had a surprise party planned last nite for a friend...

Halfway through our Korean BBQ, we had wanted to get the birthday boy out so that we can stage the cake surprise by asking him to buy coke. We the conspirators were completely thrown off guard when the birthday boy declared he had surplus of "hidden" coke supply. As we sworn to ourselves simultaneouly in an assortment of different languages from Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean (since the birthday boy only understood English), we scramble and started to devise Plan B on the spot. The birthday boy was a little taken back by the flurry of conversations in alien languages before him and asked us what was going on?

Ok...we were like deers caught in the headlights. The other 3 guys and I kinda blank out instantly...we looked at each other and the birthday boy was like "What?!" (still not realising it was his birthday party yet!)

In pure desperation, I cooked up the "Oh I was saying I had a craving for Rootbeer float. U dont happen to have rootbeer do you?" Our trusting birthday boy went " i dont, but will coke do?" I had to launch into this coke vs rootbeer comparison and why coke just wont do. The rest of the guys finally found their wits and started to back me up, exclaiming it was a brillant dessert to end up with. So in the end, the poor birthay boy had to begrudingly walk out in the nite to get the rootbeer for "Ms Demanding Queen." - ME.

I could almost see it, the "Damn u woman" look in his eyes...Before he close the door, he asked again "Really ah, U really want your rootbeer float huh..." I smiled my 100watts radient smile and nodded affirmatively...

When the door closed and I heard the elevator door closed, I turned to Ed and yell "You OWE ME BIG TIME mister!!!" (since he was suppose to be the party planner!) We had only less than 10mins to clear the whole BBQ dinner left over and plates and prepare. Everyone scrambled to get the hidden cake, presents, flowers while Shin looked out of the window to watch for birthday boy's return.

Everything ran smoothly and it was so funny. The guys looked at ech other and asked. "So what do we say when he comes thru the door? Happy Birthday? Singing?" I looked at them and asked "Aint we suppose to yell SURPRISE?" and that was exactly what we did:)

As the birthday boy unlock the door and welcomed by "darkness", candles and birthday greetings, he was stumped. He broke into a wide grin. He looked at me and started laughing "SO that's what the ROOTBEER float was ALL about huh you sneaky little thing! And there I was wondering why she will make me go walk all the way..." Later on, as we fight for the last spoonful of the cake (Hyunjin lost out since he had to "give in" to me for the rootbeer float idea), we explained to the birthday boy why half the conversation was dominated in "foreign" languages to him and that we werent being deliberately rude.

It's quite amusing really, not to mention handy when we could do all the "plotting" in the open without having to act secretive...the power of multilanguages :) Not to mention, it was quite fun getting hatching the whole secret party thingie. Has been a long while since anyone around me did something like that!

The only one who probably wasnt too happy has got to carol the poor dog...she couldnt start eating till we were done...and had to locked away in the room... sorry carol!

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