Friday, December 18, 2009

Dinner @ DOMVS Sheration

When it comes to Sue and Eric, it's always about good food for us. This time round, Susie brought us to DOMVS, the Italian restaurant within Sheraton Hotel. Susie swears by the food and dessert here, and the food lives up to its raving review.

Sue is acquainted with the chef, so we had the pleasure of his company and by extension of his warm welcome for our dinner, we had the specially crafted and artistic desserts with compliments of the chef.

Meat is expensive in HK. So without much ado, choice of the nite for me was the lamb rack in red wine sauce. Sue highly recommended the canelloni in lobster bisque and so that became her husband's pick. Prior the main, the chef indulged us with small portions of truffle risotto, again with compliments. It was sublime. None of my pictures did the meal any justice.

When all the main dishes arrived, we sampled each other's plate and it was truly divine. The lamb was cook to perfection, exactly PINK the way it was requested. Not a tad over nor under cook. Eric's share of lobster bisque was so OMG choke full of flavour that you could almost describe it "oceanic flavour". Sus's risotto was of course flawlessly served. I love everything we had that nite.

When the dessert arrived, our visual senses were tickled by the wonderfully designed artwork, specially "painted" by the chef himself. I love my flower but sus's butterfly was even better. It was utterly pretty. It was such an uplifting presentation that senses was simply heighten on its own accord.

I had the wrapped warm fig dessert, while sue had the truffle pana cotta. Eric had a 3 layer dessert made of pistachio and a mix of others which now slips my mind. Mine was really good though I must say it is a little wasted on a non fig lover like me. As her, I was more inclined towards Sus's magnificent truffle dessert....since we women are truffle lovers....

Time flew and 3 over hours swing by without us noticing. It was only when the place rang of silence apart from our conversation that we realised we were the last to pack up and leave. Again, Eric refused my share of payment and pick up the tab.

DOMVS is surely a recommended restaurant to head to for a nite of good food. Company is certainty important but havin a happy tummy to match with is the best way to end the nite with.

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