Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A day at BLISS SPA @ W hotel

Decided to do a little self pampering today and headed off to BLISS SPA next door. With the 20% discount, I thought I would check out the nail services.

It isnt a wide menu and the prices is just slightly more expensive than those nail salons out in the malls. Except that I have an endless flow of finger licking good brownies, and a whole spa facilities whole day here at my disposal. Have I mentioned how yummy delicious their brownies are? It's sooo heavenly that I almost couldnt stop until I remembered how hard I had work to get rid of those spare fats round my gut....

The receptionist girl asked when was my last pedicure. I said "oct".

"Oh, so it's not that bad then, u can go for something less heavy duty."

I was about to agree with her but something was gnawing away. About 30seconds later, I gave an involuntary yelp. "No! It's LAST oct! My friend just popped!" The girl looked at me and started laughing. I had to correct myself that I only rem I had my pedicure a year ago before attending my gf's wedding, and she just gave birth recently. Great, using other people's preganancy-birth data as my milestones in life. Why does it sound a little pathetic here?

Anycase, I was swiftly led to the changing room and before long, to the resting lounge (with all my food goodies). After chomping down the sinfully good brownies, I decided to check out the spa facitilties.

The spa area is where the changing room is. It comes with a wide "bubbling" hydro jet warm jaccuzzi area with clear window facing out. Not too bad but not exactly spectacular. There wasnt a soul there when I was there at 5pm, so I had the whole place to myself. I tried out the steam room and the steam was Hot but positively effective for my hair "conditioning". Not a bad way to spend half hour idling away.

Next was the nail lounge area. After selecting my fav sizzling hot metallic midnite blue shade, I settle down comfortably in my "seat", which consists of a platform with cushions thrown in. The lounge prob could only do 2 pedicure and 2 manicure concurrently, so it's not exactly big. However, what made my pedicure hours bearable is that I had FULL control of the TV remote, allowing me to channel surf while I try to ignore having to sit still for full 1.5hr. Usually I hate pedicure because I get bored so easily just sitting there doing nothing much. So having a TV to myself was a great way to pass time and distract the restless souls like me.

Natalie my therapist was attentive and gentle. I had the "foot patrol" service which is to scrub and buff my feet to perfection, leaving them soft. Apart from painting the colour beautifully (which is a feat for dark colour to get it uniform), my shin was bright and shiny after the service. My feet after the paraffin wax soak/ socked in also positively felt baby soft. Though some of my deep crack lines over the years are def still visible.

As I was leaving, I learn that BLISS SPA has won the Asiaspa award 2009 today. I have got to try the spa the next time and check it out for myself if it is truly worthy of the accolades. I have a high standard for hotel spa. The only one that had truly impressed me to date was the recent massage spa at St Regis Singapore (and I am hard press to impress for massage). Those hotel spa in HK to date are all grossly overpriced, with more attention paid to the ambience than the actual therapist skills.

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A steam room is not only good for conditioning your hair. They're also great for rejuvenating your skin, relaxing your body as a whole, and helping to solve respiratory congestion.

Sounds like you had a good spa treatment! I'm a little jealous. :)