Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bad luck, headache and all

All I can is a roller coaster and bad things come in two.

Just collected the keys and on day of inspection of unit, we found the whole apartment flooded with water. Apparently the stupid stupid stupid maid next door had choke the pipe and tried to pumped and forced the stuck materials down the pipes. She continued to use her kitchen and water rushed through our toilet and flooded the whole house, saved the master room and kitchen.

It was a nitemare, hassle and frustratin matter, especially the useless management office didnt want to press after the next door unit since he claimed it was "inconclusive" to determine the other party was at fault. The good thing is insurance is covered, but as to how much can be claimed is undetermined. Not only that, the renovation period will have to extend since I have now to rip up the whole wooden flooring in both bedrooms, dining room, living room as well as the cabinets.

In a way, I kept myself upbeat and positive thinking, that all these happen before we start our renovation and thus able to "identify" the problem, and change my renovation plans in time. Also, knowing this potential problem, at least I am gonna swop all the wooden flooring to tiles, and ensure my wall attached cabinet is gonna be lifted off the ground! The troublesome thing is that the flooding occured before we collected the keys and so the insurance is covered under the seller. The good thing is that it doesnt seem to raise our insurance premium since the claim is not made under our name. The bad thing is that everything is subjective.

Maybe its all predestined. I honestly hated the flooring and was in 2 minds about whether to ripped the whole flooring. However cost and renovation timeline were major factors, and now heaven willed it that I need not think about it and just go ahead with it. I just hope the insurance claim will break even at least with what we need to do...damn.

So far, my contractor seem to be rather reliable and experienced, advising me that he has encounter similar problems and suggested to checking the common pipe during renovation. If determined it is the common pip problem which he suspected, we have the right to request the building management to change the pipe...then again how long will that take is an unknown factor.

My husband is pissed and annoyed of course with all the various aspect, even though I am actually the one dealing with it and following up with the various contacts, such as the lawyer, contractor, seller, management... He told me that I am only focusing on the positive aspect and I asked him why dwell on "if only" since there is nothing he can do to change the current situation and what lies ahead? I told him positively at least knowing ahead now, can saves us alot of hassles in future. And that the flooding had occured just one day before which still falls under the seller insurance because my husband had forgotten to buy our own insurance, which would have been a headache!

Anycase, there are so many questions and no answers.
Doesnt help when I have to start my temp work next monday.
So much to do, so little time. Damnnn....

That is why I always hate china people, irresponsible, selfish etc and worse, these people who doesnt teach their maid proper way to dispose garbage and stuff, and still think that the household pipe can infinitely take any rubbish and use it without care. Its like out of sight out of mind and not their problem once they dont see it. Bastards.

Apparently I just found out our neighbor who flooded our place is a 60+yr old guy who is living with 3rd wife/mistress, who also is a very young Shanghai woman... Gossip mill is that he leads a rather "indecent" lifestyle... I dont really care how many young china woman he fk, so long as he doesnt fking cause more headaches for us!

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