Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I miss my baby!!!

I miss my brother's doggy terribly!! He is such a munja king and he trods after me almost everywhere and the level of excitment he shoer on me everytime i come back is an incredible feeling. The affection and unconditional love..though I am pretty sure he adores me because I am his playmate:)

I think we must be super lucky to get a dog that barely barks. In the 9 months we had him, he had only perhaps only barked 3 times, once because I forgot that I was holding on to his toy at a height he couldnt reach, and the second time when he saw my hubby for the first time. He growled at my hubby and refused the treat from him even being a glutton baby he was. I laughed and told my brother at least there is hope that baby will "protect" the house from strangers after all :)

Most of the time, my baby just make cute noises that doesnt even sound anything like a dog but more like a baby. He loves his cleaniness as much as we do and he even fold the diaper to cover his poo poo. Initially we thought it was an accident, but we soon realise that he really deliberately cover his poo poo and push it to a far corner. And when his dloor diaper is full, he will grab the paper and bring it to the door, expecting us to change it. I have never seen such a hygience loving dog before and endears himself to me even more!!!

I dunno if he realised I have left. My mum said when I am out with my friend, he would just stay quiet but regardless how late I return, he would start banging on the door expecting me to let him out so that he can frolick all over me and have me scratch his neck. he would nestle himself comfortably on my lap and just look at me with his big adoring eyes... And when i woke in the morn, he would only give me 2 mins before he starts to whimper for my attention. My mum said he doesnt do that with her or my brother. This little fellow knows who dotes him alot:) I honestly canx wait to go home and cuddle him again.

Oh how i miss my baby!!

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