Monday, February 14, 2011

Another year passed...

When one is having a ball, time seem to zoom pass at break neck speed. Before I knew it, my 3 weeks holiday in Singapore was over. Blink of an eye, I had to board the flight today and fly back home.

During the stay, some friends asked me if I missed Singpore. My honest answer simple. The country? No, not really dude. It's not the same country that I remembered. The friends and loved ones living here, well yes, damn much actually.

Each previous trip back to sg is always a mixture of joy, longing and at times a tinge of regret when I didnt get to meet up with all the beautiful people I had wanted to meet. Likewise, this trip was no different since my schedule was pretty much full and had instances of last min changes. So it was even more regrettable that I didnt see those frens that had returned shortly for Chinese New Year from abroad.

Yet, there were many highlights and happy memorable momens this trip back. Most of all, I have confirmed my hidden suspicions that I am a spectacular "Kinect and Wii" Retard.... I bombed sooo badly that I was pretty  much of an entertainment to my frens while having my first go at the games that I was surprised their neighbors didnt knock on our door for the screams and boisterious endless laughings. I thought Kinect was hard having to find your way with nothing but air, but Wii wasnt any easier! I was soooo bad that my fren said he never saw scenes in the games for Epic loser.... :) Thankfully, as we dragged more mums and dads into the game, I really didnt fare too badly though one of the daddy was marvellous! It was hilarious seeing the 2 very excited daughters cheering on separately for their own mummy and daddy! It was the absolute faith and belief that their parents are champions that is so endearing, esp from big cheeks who sees her daddy as her absolute idol!

Little Di Di was even more adorable, when he woke finally to see his daddy playing, he looked scared and whimpered everytime the on screen character fell off or got hit by the log. It was almost he thot his own daddy was in the TV. Such a cute boy and boy has he grown since our last gathering!!

Little Big Cheek is simply the most well behaved and adorable little gal. Amongst all my frens with kids, she is the singularly the only one that my partner and myself adored the most and missed. It probably had something to do with the fact she came and attended our wedding when she was just 5-6 months old and was a perfect angel without a single cry throughtout my big day! Plus it is equally endearing that she doesnt mind me carrying her and she is just so bright and cheery! Her mummy says she is a terror but in the short spate of few hours spent with her, she is Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay way more behaved compared to the tons of brats I have the ill luck of encountering in Singapore streets and dining spots. She gets excited but she doesnt screech or throw hissy fits! I simply love the way she look up to her daddy and proudly show me her accomplishment of writing her own name. I have to credit my gf and her hubby for being the kind of parents that raises great behaving kids! Then again, it is a relief that most of my gfs had such obedient genes in their kids.

As we rock the house down with our uncontrollable laughs, it was amazing to see my gf' 3 year old boy sleeping thru most of the whole din! He was soooo cute and his sleepin posture had me laughing the min I step into the house, being greeted by his fatty "pat pat":)

As I sat on the flight back and reflected on the week, the best part was catching up with people who are very dear to me, and bonding, making new memories that will last a lifetime. I shared a couple of drinks with E  and told her that life has been kind to me. I have a small handful of dear frens since Junior College but esp her, that I am thankful for in life.

As one gets older, and women who tends to form their own families and start to give less attention to their old friends, I am lucky that I have her in my life, and that our friendship has also strengthen over time for the similar beliefs, values, experiences in life we share. Life has taken us both for a long complicated ride but we both arrived at our own pace, to find our pocket of joy.

I stayed over at her place and as the 3 of us chilled out together including her hubby, we laughed about those days we used to live together from uni dorm to those days we started work, and how every little things like lights, furniture would remind us of the good old semi-single days. She was just telling me how she didnt want to throw away the broken lamp and the orange couch which was part of the whole memory.

As we stood at her backyard, looking across her neighbor's flat, we started laughing as we recalled the poor hen pecked husband living opposite who had to squat and wash his wife's panties and bra openly. It was a back yard where many heartaches, heart secrets, self doubts, confidences were spilled and taken away by the breeze that caress us nitely. It was a good spot to bring back memories of the good and sad times. My partner called me the next mornin and started laughing, asking what was I up so early at 9am. From our past historical track record, he had expected us to chat thru the nite till bright early morning. Both of us gals started to chuckle at the truth of my husband's words:)

All in all a super good trip and even a super good flight back. Cathay serves good choc cakes on their biz flight...but their laksa definitely need to improve :)

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