Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I must have been super exhausted from my trip. Fell asleep at 9pm and woke up at 10am this morning. Had tried staying up as late as I could to spend time with my partner but my eyes were literally hurting too much to try. I couldnt talk much even if I wanted too with my sudden husky voice from weeks of talking and laughing..

My very sweet partner of course baked a banana cake for me for valentine but ended with a burnt crust due to his full concentration on his games. Well at least he did more than me. I didnt even prepare a thing and he got me a lovely small red ruby necklace he had secretly bought in India. I told him I didnt get him anything and he gave me a proud smile, declaring that he knew he was the romantic one betwen the two of us. I grinned with an agreeing nod. However he said he had misplaced the Valentine card he bought and I laughed saying it will pop up someday....just like the birthday card that magically appeared 2 years after he had he bought it:)

The weather in HK had turned chilly again. While I miss the glorious sun and blue skies in sg, still this cool weather is definitely a welcoming change from the humidity in Singapore. I swear that I could see the drastic change and dramatic improvement in my skin condition when I got back. The weather in singapore is really a curse for oily skin like mine. So glad that HK stay has done wonders to my skin:)

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