Friday, October 28, 2011

Asian High Tea @ Conrad HK Lobby Lounge

Had high tea today with my ex-classmate. Havent seen her for 2 months now since she gave birth. So it was good to catch up, eat, and chill in the Conrad Lobby lounge.

This is probably like what, my only 3rd high tea in my lifetime, with first 2 in Singapore and my first here in HK. Nope, never bothered with the Peninsular crap since it's more like a "hype myth" and "luxurious" experience than really good food. Of course, cannot deny that Peninsular have way better views:) However, whatever view which we didnt have was compensated by a very roomy 6 seater area all to ourselves, with plenty of space between the separate seaters. We both love space and hate cramming or have someone next to us staring at our table so this was a perfect seating.

After having had a very good dinner experience at Brasserie @ Conrad, I thought I would give the rest of the dining spots a go. Wasnt expecting much but according to my gf who had been to a few high teas, she said this is easily one of the better High teas she had been to in HK.

The portions were good size, and the food was tasty. We picked the Asian High tea @ HK188/pp instead of the Western option (same price) that comes with a choice of coffee or tea. Since I was gunning for the Peking duck wrap, the choice was rather obvious! hahaha.

In the Asia pick, you have 2 tiers of savoury bites which includes a smoked salmon with cheese (tasty for a non cheese and smoked salmon lover),

 a sandwich which i had forgotten what it was, my peking duck wrap, a foie gra terrine over a super crispy biscuit which I really liked. The 2nd tier was a pork neck bun, an asparagus wrap, and a fried crab claw. the last tier consists of the sweets which is a red bean coconut, a Chinese jelly, a red bean glutinuous seasame seed ball and a custard puff.

Then there was a separate basket of 4 raisin scones with jam and clotted cream.

I thought overall the meal was rather good with some hit and miss. While everything was tasty, I thought the pork neck bun was a little on the chewy side and the custard bun not as soft as I would like. The scone was also not as good as the one from Island Gourmet @ Shangri-la. However, overall, I didnt have anything major to fault with and we couldnt finish everything. I couldnt even finish my sweets though I did have a few bites from each item to get an idea of what they tasted like.

The coconut red bean was nice without being overpowering nor too sweet. The osmanthus flavour jelly was surprisingly light without being sickly sweet or too bland. Both of us really like that!

We easily spent 3 hours there and time flies...all in all a good day. The only embarrassing bit?

I forgot my wallet (lol!) bleh so my gf had to pay for my share!

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