Thursday, October 20, 2011

I HATE Google auto language display based on local IP and the adobe script error

Is there anyone else out there that is as annoyed as me with Google's arbitrary decision to FORCE people to read their websites in the local languages based on the local IP?

While it's great idea for commercial websites and retailers for their company websites, it's a BAD idea for a browser because they completely ignore the fact that when people travel and uses public computers, this decision to unilaterally force people to read a foreign language with no option to change back to ENglish is a bigotry move.

Some people say "oh u are travelling you should speak some foreign language. It's your own fault" Hey dude, SPEAKING and READING are two completely 2 different bloody matter.  What's more if it concerns security on a PC where I would not like to like traces of my actions and account id on a foreign PC. Trying to navigate into the control options is a chore. Plus, try reading's like reading a bunch of cute shapes and sizes characters pieced together.

I remember when I was staying in Greece where the hotel provides laptop to each room for internet surfing. We were not able to "use" facebook because everything was being forced to translate back to Greek. When you try to surf and search for information, all the Greek stuff keep popping up even if you type the root without the local country appendix.

When I tried to clear the history and cache, even when I manage to get into the right navigation that leads me to the control setting based on memory, it was not easy because I had to waste time going through one by one of the option until I hit jackpot. You should see more than 2 dozen of accounts of other people and their password stored in that computer because either they couldnt be bothered or they didnt know how to clear cache.

Even when I use my blog, i HATE it when they keep using Chinese instead of in the past where I can easily opt back to the English menu. Luckily I read mandarin, can you imagine if I was residing in Israel temporarily? All the navigation would have been a pain in the arse. Why did Google remove the option for us to change the language is beyond me.  I think the company is trying to provide a wrong service. Let the users choose for themselves what languages they use. PROVIDE THE DAMN OPTIONAL LANGUAGE OPTION. Stop being such an authoritarian entity.

What is even more annoying is this adobe script error that has been creeping up everywhere in the seeting and layout mode when using my MAC. Does anyone else have this problem and solved it?


WhiteDusk said...

Using my macbook pro and no flash issues~ maybe its time to update?

Anonymous said...

really hate google auto language feature based on ip's yes.

i think google guys are full morons...

they really dont think there is a million expats livinig in various countries and even they logged in to the wonderful g-system still comes up with stupid local language....

Nomad said...

THANK YOU for showing that I am not the only one raving and ranting.

Sometimes, i think instead of thinking smart, they are too smug about their "smartness" which really leave me smarting mad!