Friday, October 28, 2011

Heading to Japan, again

Been suffering from a bout of neck ache from stiff neck for a week now. Comes and goes. Damnit. What the hell is wrong?

Anycase, this is like the what 10th time already to Tokyo and I am still not getting sick of it.Can I get a frequent traveller card please? hahaha. Actually I aint that bad, almost all mt classmates have been to Japan more often than me.

Japan, to the Hongkongers, is like one of those magical playground nearby with with a short trip away. Which works out great for me because their love and passion for Japan results in alot of Japan imports for me, more than Singapore. Oh and its way cheaper too thanks to the shorter distance. Damn I will miss HK if I do leave...why do Singapore sounds shittier by the day with all the negative posts I read recently? Has it really slide down that badly? I was telling my partner that perhaps the people shouldnt go down so hard on the govt about those flash floods...just look at poor Bangkok...I hope their plight will ease soon!!!

back to me...Been spending, or more like wasting days and time hunting down hotel for kyoto at the last minute but it seemed impossible to find somewhere decent without breaking the bank. It was really hard work doing through trip advisor and the individual sites for location and availability check, until my dear friend  told me about hotelscombined link. Saved me soooo much effort. However after narrowing down the searches....Would I want to cough up USD$900 just for 2 days of roaming around? No not really, especially considering that I had already been there before. I like autumn foliage but not thaaaat much for the ridiculous price. Initially, was only considering Kyoto since my man hasnt been there and since we will be in Tokyo, thought will be good to just "swing by".

By the time you add up the Shinkansen and everything, I basically told my husband it was pointless, even though I had already spent good hours and effort to plan the spots to visit and routes. Oh well...

So I guess it will be down to just Tokyo and perhaps little Edo city half hour away since I have basically done all the possible citites near tokyo and this is the only one left. Instead of  Kyoto, now I have to focus all my energy on searching for good food to eat. Leave it to the hotel concierge and they will point the way to high end expensive or tourist infested hangouts.

It's a pity I couldnt remember where was the Jap place I last dine at Nishi Azabu/ Hiroo. It was good and reasonable and now I couldnt find it. Feeling shitty about it. However came up with more new searches below. Shall see if I have got time to try them...Ooo the thought of heading to Sushi Dai@Tsujiki Market is making me drool already....though I am definitely not looking forward to the 3 hours Q in line in the cold.

Dining Suggestions
- Shabusen@ Ginza
- Fukuzushi@ Roppongi
- L-Garden@Roppongi
- Katsukura
- Teyandei Izakaya @Nishi Azabu
- Ippudo Ramen@Ginza
- Kenjiro Hashida @Kachidoki for their omakase
- Uroko @Nakano station for grilled seafood
- Kitchen Tachikichi @Shibuya for their Gyoza

I canx wait to take my place to Roppongi to try Harb my fav dessert place too! I think I am getting too familiar with Roppongi now...even more than Kowloon in HK which is just across the waters....What does this say? lol!

Cross fingers no more blackout, earthquakes, radiation leaks etc while next week I am there. Looking forward to checking out Haneda airport! Japan here I come!

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