Sunday, October 16, 2011

Travels: Istanbul iPhone Teaser Shots

Here's some teaser shots while waiting for the camera stuff...
Travel: 29th - 05 Oct 2011.

 View from the room. We spoiled ourselves with the "penthouse" at the top.

 "Fish Market" established to fleece tourists who didnt know what good food meant.

 Beautiful Murals uncovered on the walls of the Hagia Sophia mosque
 Lovely Stroll over to Blue Mosque within a stone's throw away. Had a freshly squeezed promengranate juice and it's arse kicking SOUR! Lol

On way to Topkapi Palace Museum and saw this, didnt know if the rug was on sale or being sun...

 Beautiful dishes on sale.
Lovely wares up close. Forgotten to get it after the palace trip.

 Plenty of beautiful tiles

 Gorgeous weather and skies. Sea View from Topkapi Palace balcony

Heading back in the Evening after a long day of walking and snapping pixs.

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