Thursday, December 22, 2011

Catching up with the IJ gals@Marmalade Pantry, Orchard Ion!

Straight after my Krabi trip was non-stop action in catching up with my friends from school days!

The first nite back was spent with the girls from secondary days. 20 years on and still counting.

Gwen made it back from Oz for Xmas as well and so it was great since she had missed out on several past gatherings. Since we were the only 2 available ones who could meet up earlier, we went around munching snackies in town.

Both of us didnt have lunch and so we ended up buying po piahs from Taka basement. Bloody hell! Teochew popiah wrapped by China woman cost us $2.80 each. Ouch! That's like double the price u will get from coffee shop or hawker stalls! Gwenie was still hungry and she went to get our second craving, tako balls! Yummy! Instead of hanging out at coffee joints, we decided to head straight to Orchard Ion, Marmalade Pantry where we were meeting the rest for dinner. It was Cynthia's suggestion and since I am open to new places, was happy to jump at her recommendation.

It was a good nite for all, talking about the past and present. Wonder how we will all be rite in another 20years from now.

The staff was pretty good to us. So we started this chronological order of shots of whoever turned up first.

First there were 2...

Then there were 4...

Then the complete 6 pack of IJ gals! had to tickle Tracy to get her to grin:)

Dinner is served and ready to eat! The meal wasnt too bad.

Candid shots by the waiter who was amused by our expression of disbelief!
We were all stunned by the sheer size of the cakes! We were thankful at only ordering 2. Cynthia was far from wrong when she said it wasnt light weight!!! I would say not for the faint hearted!

Cheers to Good Times!

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