Friday, December 30, 2011

Dinner@PS Cafe, Palais Renassiance

After much logistical change, the Friday dinner for 5 ended up for 3 which was fine by me since dinner was still good.

I turned up alittle later than expected being held up due to the trip to the vet with my doggie but thankfully the other gals werent too early too. Phew...

We tried a new place PS Cafe@ Palais Renaissance in Orchard based on my IJ gf's recommendation. She wasnt wrong, the food was good. I wont say its delicious or to die for but its good hearty meal good value for money. Price wise is kinda more on the steep side but it wasnt overly expensive. the interior was also rather nice with a good ambiance. Service could be better in term of attentiveness but it wasnt too bad.

PS Cafe@ 2nd floor

Entrance Interior
I had the miso cod for main while Jas had the ribs. She couldnt finish hers and so I pig out on her main after I polished mine. 

I felt kinda bad coz the trip had been so rush so I didnt have time to get any Xmas presents for the gals but instead I ended with 2 big bags for me..heh heh.

Combined with other presents received...this is such a fruitful Xmas this year! Hee hee hee..
Thanks gals!

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