Friday, December 23, 2011

Crab nite! Dining at House of Seafood@182

The next group was meeting up with my college council buddies. It's becoming quite a "tradition" for us to meet up on most of my trip back now. Which is partially due to our super "on" council president who helped organise all the makan trips. Good thing too that they have supporting spouse who looks after the kids while they do the "late owl" nites with us. Hahaha!

This trip is especially exciting for 2 reasons. One being that our president brought us "country pumpkin" gals (who dun venture out much) to the House of Seafood@182 for Huge crabs!!! It was honestly finger licking good!

The crab meat was solid and firm and I really love the chilli sauce! The black pepper crab didnt do it for me, taste like bottled sauce but I had to request for more buns to soak up the chilli crab version coz it's simply fabulous!!! We also had the salty egg crab version too. It tasted pretty good too but since I am not an egg fan, I stuck to my chilli version. The boys as usual being the doting gentlemen they are, let us gals have our fav picks:)
The salty egg crab
My All time Fav - Sweet Chilli Crab (Medium Size)

Black Pepper Crab (Medium size crab)

The chilli sauce (left) and black pepper crab servings!

The second reason for our excitement was having one of the guys to bring his new gf to "meet" us. He was initially joking that he isnt that stupid to have us grill her to death. In his word.."In our council gals are too damn tough!" Of course, being old friends, "pai sei" is not on the menu and so we persisted and persisted and persisted...our very cute president of course also chip in by "offering" the gal a "ride home", not before some supper prata and tea together.

Since the gf was having a Cedar gals nite out in town, we patiently baited our dear fren to text her. Finally he caved in and text his gf "Hey, the group wants to meet u. Where are you?" Sitting next to him have its perks, I get to look over his arm and spied the reply that she was on train back home.

In that instant, the motion was set and a flurry of discussion of where, how, when ensued! While my poor fren was still grinning at all of our excitement, I "grabbed" the iphone over with a grin and started to text her while telling my fren : You are too slow buddy! She will be home by the time u start typing!!  Without a moment's delay, I hit the buttons : "Join us! Get off the train and we come pick you up" *sent*

It took maybe a second when the chick replied "Okie. Next stop Boon keng. Get off?" President was like "No No, tell her Kovan! Gives us time to drive there!" So i was off doing the texting "No.Kovan. Gives us time to drive there to pick u up!" As I was typing, I asked my fren, do you type "C U? or See U? or See you? or Cya? normally???" The dude was still stunned by the friendly"takeover" and went "ahhhhh" So i type "See U soon!" The gal replied next "Ok."

The deal was sealed in a flash and we scurried off to the toilet before our next mission! Meet the chick date! President kindly picked up the $200+++ tab and while his car zoomed off to pick her off with the bf in tow, we chicks headed off to Jalan Kayu to "chop" a table for the star VIP to arrive in style.

On the way, some stupid van apparently didnt pass his road test and tried to swerve into our left lane without signal and considering we were already 3/4 of his way. The arsehold jam stopped and my fren was furious, so she wind down the window and started to curse at the fellow for his dangerous driving. The man must have seen her hand gesturing and got off the car prob ready for a fight or hostile verbal engagement. However when he saw us 2 chicks fuming away, ready for battle, he shrugged and backed off and got back to his van, getting out of our right of way. Pretty sure if there were guys in the car, the man would have started a fight judging from his bodily language. My galfren was telling me "if my son (age 3-4yo) was in the car, he would be screaming "Fuck YOU!" to him." I am liberal but this is still something that still stun me speechless! hahaaha! Talk about Bohemian style of parenting!

Anycase, back to coffeeshop. Our president joined us first while the couple went off for a quick puff before honoring us with their joint presence. Despite being my junior...totally cannot recall her in any of those 2 years in VJ. Still, she was good company, and gave us good vibe which was important because my fren had just gotten thru a bitter divorce giving up his flat and kid to the ex-spouse, so we wanted to be sure he didnt get screwed over by another xxx. Since the last time he jumped into the marriage blindly without any of us knowing his ex-wife, this time round, he was definitely more cautious and wanted any voluntary feedback.

We felt it was good really, apart from the fact she was definitely more a babe than his exwife ever could dream to be. Well travelled, well spoken and being from the same educational background definitely helped. She was also very preceptive. Halfway through the conversation when we were joking about the old days, I said something about getting straight to the point and she quickly connected 1-1 and remarked "You must be the one who texted those sms rite! haha!" It was suppose to be a "secret" but since she was so sharp, the cat was out of the bag. I joked that it was prob too "business like" and cut the crap sms unlike the usual longwinded romantic texts rite that gave me away! We all had a good laugh!