Friday, December 23, 2011

Catching up with the IJ gals@Professor Brawn Cafe,Velocity - Round 2

The next day was catching up with other IJ gals who couldnt make it for dinner the nite before. So at Ramona's suggestion, we decided to meet at Velocity@Novena, to lunch @Professor Brawn Cafe.

One of the reason for the pick is that the cafe is a socially responsible company, set up to aid children/people with autism. There is no reason not to support a joint with such a noble cause. Plus Ramona said the food was good, at least for cafe standard. She wasnt wrong.

Moo Moo requested for the waist wrap to cover her nursing fats...:P

We had the miso set for the day, as well as Calamari. Ramona had her Truffle chicken. I liked them both. During the meal, we laughed so much over things we did. Moo Moo was of course dishing up dirt on me, as to how relentlessly, I would only eat either 20piece nuggets (has to be freshly cooked), chicken rice or fish soup. She would remind me at how I had "maximise" our dollar for the coke, by asking for a full large coke without ice, only to turn around and ask for a separate cup of ice to share the large coke between us. My logic was that, why pay for the ice when u can get it free and extra coke at the same time? Ramona wasnt in my class but was my softball teammate and so she was privy to all my eccentricities back in those the end of the lunch session, I think both of us had a very good recount of my youthful days!

At the same time, she shared about funny incidents when she was working at Delifrance when times were bad and she couldnt get a job after uni. The first incident was her asking one customer if she wanted alfa sprouts and the customer snapped at her saying "Do I look like a HORSE to you?" Before my fren knew what to say, another customer standing in front turned around and questioned the rude customer "Are you saying I AM A HORSE then?!!!" The story had us bursting into laughters!!

The second joke was when an elderly man came in and said "I want Ba Ku Teh" My fren told him that they do not serve pork ribs here but the man insisted. Just when my fren didnt know how to explain further, the old man pointed to the bread and said "There! That's the Bak Gu Teh lah!" The old man was pointing to a freshly baked Baguette - which the man had broken it up as "Ba-Gue-Te"! It was hilarious!

After lunch, Ramona had to rush off but Gwenie and Moo lingered with me alittle longer, chatting about other stuff. Moo Moo's daughter is continuing the Tradition of being the next generation of IJ gal! Mummy there was joking about digging up her old pinafold and do a mother and daughter in uniform shot! Hahaha! It was funny! Soon, it started to piss down rain and so it was time to call it a day. Always sad to say goodbye.

Me and my lovely Moo Moo...
My softball teammate, my hockey teammate, my rotary club mate, my classroom & lab partner, my project mate, my lunch mate, my shopping mate for 4 solid years back in those IJ years. 

One more shot before the next time we meet again...prob in oz! haha

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