Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dinner review: Carnevino, Central HK

Had dinner at Carnevino Italian Steakhouse@ Central on Sat nite. It was good!

I am generally not a big steak eater and so as expected, I struggled with my 10oz steak and couldnt finish it. Primarily, that;s also because I had a large serving of Calamari starter.

To begin with the starter...it was KICK ARSE good! I havent had good calamari for a long while now in HK and this is the first time that a spicy tomato based calamari had me lapping for more! Squid was cooked nicely and the heat flavor was awesome! They didnt go easy on the spiciness and OMG! Soooo good!

My partner had the pork belly starter and it was also super moist and tenderly good. It took us 2 bites to finish the meat so its def a smaller portion than the calamari.

Then I had my moscato wine. IT WAS SO GOOD! I know..moscato is moscato. Sweet wine. But this one is fantastic. More bubbly and a very refreshing sweetness that doesnt linger and go stale at the back of your throat. I gulp down so many glasses that I might have been better off getting the whole bottle frankly....

Side info: (The La Spinetta Moscato d’Asti Biancospino is pale yellow with a constant stream of small bubbles topping up the delicate mousse. The nose is fresh and overflowing with aromas of lemon, mandarins and honeysuckle. The palate is sweet but with a remarkable acidity, making it refreshing and not cloying. The finish is long and leaves you with lovely floral notes, and hints of white peach.)

We ordered 2 extra sides, cream spinach and shitake mushrooms. Frankly I think we over ordered for 2 pigeon like Asian eaters. The mushroom was a tad too sweet for me and spinach is spinach goes...what do u expect?

The meat was good quality though i couldnt really tell the difference between my requested medium and medium rare....they look equally reddish on the inside right in the middle segment...so....

Dessert is amazing! I truly love their lemon semi freddo! It was so refreshingly good! The last time I had such a good semi freddo was at Quay, Sydney. So yeah, u HAVE to try this esp if u are already pretty full and sick from all the meat and want a lighter dessert.

Service was good except the only thing that marred the ending was the silly waiter poured tap water into my glass of still water, completely ruiningthe taste and rendered my glass of water undrinkable because I HATE the funny taste emitting from the mix. They should have at least confirmed with me if I wanted tap added but before I could stop them (since I was busy chatting with my companion), damage was done. Sigh.

All in all, a good place to try and have yourself a good time

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