Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recipe: Shrimp Dumpling Soup

Deleted some old post to make space for this since I still havent gotten round to setting up a new blog in continuation of this.

Had a go at making shrimp dumpling for the first time tonight. The wrapping of 60 dumplings took me about an hour to finish. Good thing for home video to entertain me while my hands were hard at work:)

For the soup based, instead of chicken stock, I went with pork bones and with carrots instead. Turned out relatively well in my humble opinion...except I got to rem to add black fungus and add more pepper next time round. Recipe will be up next few days when I get round to it ;p

Dumpling Ingredients

1. 100g minced pork
2. 250g of prawns
3. 4 stalk spring onion
4. diced 4 water chestnuts
5. 3 cloves minced garlic
6. Sesame oil, pepper, salt
7. 3 Tbsp light soy sauce 
8. dash of ginger juice
9. (Black fungus/ bamboo shoots) optional
10. dumpling wraps


1. Pork bones and meat
2. 1-2 carrots
3. 2-3 whole water chestnuts
4. 4 stalk Spring onion (bottom white half) - upper green half for garnishing
5. coriander garnishing

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